Nick Gets Belt Whipped in the Woods

It’s autumn, always a nice time for meandering in the forest and enjoying the cool weather.  That is, unless you are naughty Nick and end up getting your firm ass blazed wicked hot and belt whipped in the middle of the woods: jeans down and bare ass! ….playing Now only at Tropixxx!

bad boy Nick gets belt whipped in the woods- – – – – – >For more info, surf on over to Tropixxx.

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Spankable Spotlight: Bastian Hart Debuts at Helix Studios

Helix Studios welcomes the highly spankable Bastian Hart to its tight and tasty twink roster………

helix gay twinkWell, I must say, I certainly hope they film some spanking scenes. @@!  For a XXX explicit preview gallery, click Here.

bastian hart twink helixstudios

How would you spank this naughty twink??

For more info, surf on over to Helix Studios! :)

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Special Guest Columnist TJ Wood! The Top 10 Superhero Spankings That Should Have Happened!

robin spanks batman

Bat-Spank Art by “Jonathan”

 The legendary TJ Wood, of Helix Studios’ SpankThis fame, chimes in with an informative and intriguing very special guest column!  And in case you missed it, check out TJ’s previously posted article on his top 10 most spankable celebrities.  Enjoy! :-)

The Top Ten Superhero Spankings That Should Have Happened

Written by TJ Wood


TJ Wood: The legendary bun-blazer and twink tail tanner, of Helix Studios fame

Recently in the movies, and on TV, there have been a plethora of young men in tights, filling our screens with bulging muscles and tight buns in their never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.

While they end up being heroes in the long run, each of these boys have misbehaved in one way or another as they journey toward their full potential and responsibilities.

These, then, are my top ten scenes that should’ve have been filmed while telling their stories.

10. Iceman (aka Bobby Drake) played by Shawn Ashmore in the X-men franchise

Mischievous, fair-haired Bobby gave the teachers at Xavier’s School  for Gifted Youngsters a bit of a hard time, what with breaking curfew and touching the girl who shouldn’t be touched.

There should have been a scene somewhere within those movies where Wolverine/Logan (played by ripped stud Hugh Jackman) reaches his limit with his charge’s antics and shears Bobby’s pants off with his claws and then proceeds to spank that boy’s ass so hot, he’d need to use his ice powers on it for at least a week!

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The Doctor Is In! New from Franco!


Yet another masterwork! Illustration by the legendary Franco.

In cherry-cheeked editorial news, stay tuned for a very special forthcoming guest column by the legendary bun blazer himself, TJ Wood !

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