2 From Franco!

franco male spanking franco femdom spanking art

Illos by the legendary Franco.  May have posted one of these before I think but who cares, enjoy the red-ass hotness! :)

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Tanned Red Hot


Cherryred-tail-tanning-tastic new image from the hard punishment purveyors Reluctant Young Men — def check this site out!

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The Latest Bun Spanking from SkaterSpank!

skater spankSkater Wank or Skater Spank? The bad boyz from Skater Spank are up to their usual mischief and naughty antics, featuring two skater punks blazing each others bunz for wanking, among other things, in the latest sizzling update……


gay spanking

It’s certainly clear that corporal punishment is just what twink skater punkz need, crave and deserve!

skater spank gay spankingFor more info and free video previews, surf on over to SkaterSpank!


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Spanky Fiction Excerpt from “Smart Boy”

gay erotic fictionCheck out a pulse-pounding excerpt, re-posted with permission, from “Smart Boy,” the steamy new collab between Misha Horne and AJ Sisko. ^_^  You can grab this hot title on Amazon.

*  *  *

He leaned back and gestured at me, seeming to come to a decision. “Take off the rest of your clothes.” I kicked off my shoes and wrestled with my belt, rushing before he could change his mind.


Frowning, I went as slowly I as could manage, peeling my jeans down my legs at what felt like a snail’s pace, finally standing there in just my shorts.
“Turn around.”
I found myself in the same position as before, in the classroom, my back to him, with no Continue reading

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