The Doctor Is In! New from Franco!


Yet another masterwork! Illustration by the legendary Franco.

In cherry-cheeked editorial news, stay tuned for a very special forthcoming guest column by the legendary bun blazer himself, TJ Wood !

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A Hot Spanking is Simply What Hot Twinks Need

gay spanking twinks

If there’s one thing naughty twinks need, it most definitely is an undies-down, cherry-cheeked ass tanning session! No doubt about it. Helix Studios are the masters of twink discipline, and this compilation film is must-see TV.

helix gay spankingAs Helix describes this sizzling film: “It’s good to be bad when you’re a naughty boy in the hands of Helix. The award winning twink fetish studio brings you a new batch of filthy fantasies as the boys explore kink, fetish and bondage with their sexy smooth skinned friends.

Evan Parker starts playtime by using his favorite toys to punish Kurt Summers until his entire body is begging for mercy. Be a Bad Boy as you drool over the perverse pleasure of each innocent boy getting spanked, fucked and toyed with until they’re moaning in ecstasy.”

Click here for direct access to this wicked hot spank fest!

And for tons more info, surf on over to Helix Studios.

helix gay porn

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Tanning Time for Trey’s Tight Tail

Naughty bad boi Trey is back once again on Reluctant Young Men, getting his tight and firm rump lit up over Scott’s knee, via hand and wooden paddle……He needs, craves and deserves it, no doubt about it!

For more red-assed info, surf on over to Reluctant Young Men!

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Re-Blogged: Let’s Talk with TJ Wood !

Editorial Note: One in a series of re-posts of Spanking4Men’s most popular articles….this interview was originally published in 2012.

TJ Wood spanks a naughty twink

We are stoked to feature this wicked exclusive Q&A with pro spanker and seasoned blazer of buns at SpankThis known as TJ Wood.  SpankThis is part of the Helix XXX twink empire.  Anyway, his scorched ass policy leaves no bodacious buns un-blazed. And we chat about everything from ping pong paddles to celebrity spankables and much more. As always, your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated as always.

TJ Wood spanking twinks

One of the stars of SpankThis, the untoppable TJ Wood admires some of his red-assed handiwork.

Thank you TJ for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men!

It’s my pleasure! Thanks for asking!

So does your hand ever get tired from tanning the buns of all these hot twinks at SpankThis?

Not too tired. Not really. Sure, it gets a little red and stings a bit, but the pain in my hand is Continue reading

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