Job Security with Naughty Boi Kody Knight

Ass-sizzling update starring naughty boi Kody and strict boss Max Carter from twink porn purveyors Helix Studios. Enjoy a must-see, smouldering video preview below!

Kody Knight is slackin’ on the job when hard-ass boss Max Carter bursts in to find him screwing around on Twitter. Max likes to practice corporal punishment as a way to handle the bad boys at work and doesn’t hesitate to yank down Kody’s pants to spank his smooth bubble butt.

Kody loves his blond boss’ firm hand and when his freshly spanked cheeks have taken all they can handle Max pulls out his cock for the young employee to taste. Kody appears to have saved his ass from the unemployment line by making Max explode with a massive cum shot that helps him forgive all of Kody’s misbehaviors. Starring: Kody Knight, Max Carter. Playing now only at Helix Studios.

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Spank That Ass!

I’ve been told SpankThis will not be regularly updating their wicked hawt site for the forseeable future.  :( :( :( :(   That Totally sucks! However, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their massive archives!  ^_^  .

helix spankthis

Veteran bun-blazer Jeff Sterne lights a fire on Coby’s spankable backside, in the time-honored over the knee position, pants tugged down into a tangle of denim at his knees.     Image courtesy of SpankThis.       And if you are seeking more hot imagery, check out this SpankThis Top 10 article.

For more eye-candy, visit Helix Studios’ twink spanking site SpankThis:

Helix presents SpankThis

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Literary Spotlight: M-M Spank Erotica by Misha Horne

male spanking erotica

If you have yet to discover the smouldering M-M spanking fiction by Misha Horne, you most definitely want to check it out!   Who is Misha Horne? “By day, she shelves dusty old books. By night, she curls up with her trusty imagination, and writes smutty stories about yummy, somewhat angsty men gettin it on. Usually, one of them has been very naughty.”

benched1rookiemistake200x300Here’s a short, cherry-cheeked excerpt from “Benched #1: Rookie Mistake”. . . .

“Kyle’s hands shook as he closed his eyes and slowly lowered his uniform down to his thighs. He’d never been so thankful for his cup in his life, not even the time he’d gotten hit square in the junk during an ugly slide into third.

“Yeah, it had saved him then, but it was doing an even better job now. He was harder than he’d even known was possible, but his cock was trapped painfully in place by the curved piece of plastic, instead of tenting out the front of his underwear and showing Mackey how much he wanted this.

“He knew the elastic straps of his jock framed out his ass like a target, curving around the tops of his cheeks and the backs of his thighs. He wasn’t the only guy on the team who went commando under his jockstrap.

“But he was the only one about to get spanked that way.”

For more info, visit Misha Horne’s website.

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Spank Your Bro! New from SkaterSpank!

One thing that good bro’s know how to do, is spank each other’s tight, twink ass when need.  The latest update from explict twink-ass spank site SkaterSpank features Kamil and Peter gettin’ their spank on! :) Def. check out this site!

skaterspankFor more info and free previews, surf on over to SkaterSpank!


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