Re-Blogged: Let’s Talk with TJ Wood !

Editorial Note: One in a series of re-posts of Spanking4Men’s most popular articles….this interview was originally published in 2012.

TJ Wood spanks a naughty twink

We are stoked to feature this wicked exclusive Q&A with pro spanker and seasoned blazer of buns at SpankThis known as TJ Wood.  SpankThis is part of the Helix XXX twink empire.  Anyway, his scorched ass policy leaves no bodacious buns un-blazed. And we chat about everything from ping pong paddles to celebrity spankables and much more. As always, your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated as always.

TJ Wood spanking twinks

One of the stars of SpankThis, the untoppable TJ Wood admires some of his red-assed handiwork.

Thank you TJ for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men!

It’s my pleasure! Thanks for asking!

So does your hand ever get tired from tanning the buns of all these hot twinks at SpankThis?

Not too tired. Not really. Sure, it gets a little red and stings a bit, but the pain in my hand is Continue reading

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Re-Blogged: Who is Naughty Nick?

[Editorial Note: Spanking4Men periodically reposts some of its most popular spanktastic bloggystyle posts...such as this one....]

Nick from Tropixxx getting spankedMale spanking producers Tropixxx have been featuring heaps of smouldering hawt spank scenes with a young jock by the name of Nick, who gets paddled, strapped and spanked for all sorts of misdeeds, often left with smoking, blazed buns and in tears….

But we wondered: who is Nick?

guys getting spanked

We asked Tropixxx for the scoop on this naughty houseboi whose bodacious backside always seems to be glowing hot and cherry red.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men! I know you have filmed a ton of wicked hot scenes with Nick, so how did you end up working with Nick?

I was actually going for a walk one day, doing my laps around a local park so I could keep a rough track of my mileage and time when I saw this super hot blonde guy with a mohawk. It was Nick, and he was an 18 year old high school drop out, and was basically homeless, having been kicked out from his house for bad behavior and not attending school.

nick spankedA few weeks later, Nick….was looking for a way to make some money….and I approached him and offered him a trip on my spanking bench for some cash. I talked to him about it, and one thing led to another, and now he is now living with me and Alex (my boyfriend of 13 years) in a sort of houseboy position.

He is learning to cook, clean, and of course getting the discipline he needs.

True story. :)

Will Nick ever learn to behave? And is he into the spanking fetish, himself?

Yes, I think eventually he will. Nick is actually very trainable. And no, he is NOT into the spanking fetish. He absolutely hates getting spanked, and is almost in tears even before we start. He says he is willing to do just about anything rather then be spanked.

strappingGenerally speaking, what is your favest way to spank?

I love the wheelbarrow position, and to spank the guy with my hand and a ping pong paddle. I love how that position exposes the sub’s ass to you completely. Although I am also very fond of the spanking bench.

What future spanking updates with Nick can we look forward to ?

Well, my boyfriend Alex is actually building me a new spanking bench today in the garage, so you can expect to see Nick strapped down to a spanking table and getting a whipping like no other.

Since he lives with us, we actually use a demerit based system to keep track of his chores, etc. and he has a few good strappings coming to him. Might as well film them all. So, you can be assured that the spankings are really earned, even if the plots are sort of set up.

Any other Tropixxx site news we should be aware of ?

We really hope to focus on the site a lot this year, and plan to roll out a new design and some new features once we can learn some new coding skills needed. We are currently working on learning some basic CSS programing so we can adapt some scripts for our site.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for your time!

For more information, visit M-M Spanking Site Tropixxx.

tropixxx male spanking

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Feeling the Heat

spankthistwinkImage from the massive archives at twink spank site SpankThis.

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spankthisFrom the vast archives of twink spanking site SpankThis.

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