Source image: Helix Studios.

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Man’s Hand Film “Indecent Exposure” Playing Now at SpankThis

mans hand films gay spanking

If you dig a police officer exerting his own brand of red-ass authority and hands-on justice, similar to the film “Disturbing the Peace,” do check out this hard-discipline Man’s Hand vid “Indecent Exposure,” playing now at SpankThis: While patrolling one of the city parks on a moonlit night, Officer Morrison rolls up on two naked men making out.

In the glaring headlight of his patrol car, the outraged officer decides to take matters into his own hands.

He handcuffs the bare boys and takes each of them over his knee for a blistering spanking. Then, using one of the their own belts, he proceeds to strap them side-by-side, while bent over the park bench.

gay spanking

– – – – – ->Click here to watch this film instantly at Helix Studio’s SpankThis.


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Spanked: Art by Tom of Finland

tom of finland spanking art

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guys spanking guys

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Man’s Hand Film “Bound to Please” Playing Now at SpankThis

man's hand film gay spankingPlaying now at Helix Studio’s SpankThis: “Skye’s online ad has once again attracted the interest of a handsome lad in search of a spanking. Luke, however, comes with a bit of attitude and appears to be a real challenge. After an initial OTK spanking on the boyz’ jeans and briefs, Skye secures him to a cross to continue the spanking.

“Using a leather strap, he soon has the young man squirming – before bending him over a gym-horse, Skye continues to spank Luke while stimulating his cock and balls. By the time he releases the boy from the restraints – Luke is ready to release – with a powerful orgasm while seated on the horse.”

Click here to watch the full video now at Helix Studios!

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sting male spankingImage courtesy of Sting Pictures.

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