A Good Old-Fashioned Whuppin’ from Dad

Here is classic must-see, over the knee red-ass M/m spanking action, with a very stern, old-fashioned Daddy from the film entitled Good Old-fashioned Whuppin…produced by Control T Studio.

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4 Responses to A Good Old-Fashioned Whuppin’ from Dad

  1. Rubin says:

    I haven’t seen that in ages, it is really hot. Thanks for posting it :))

  2. mr. tushy says:

    Yes! First ever comment on the new blog–thank you!

    Glad you enjoyed the video clips! 🙂 🙂 Stay tuned for more.

  3. antony says:

    Awesome clips….great stern faced spanker. If you play the first two clips at the same time you get to see this bad boy get his butt burned in double time…..ah how I miss bad report card days…sigh….

  4. mjldoc says:

    I miss the glory days of Control T — just flat out good old fashioned discipline! Doesn’t the kid spying thru the door get it next?

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