Vintage Spanking from Control T Studio

A vintage spanking classic from Control T Studio

A taste of some vintage [1980’s?] classic spanking erotica for your viewing pleasure, available at the Male Spanking Cinema…..from Control T studios.

The movie is called “Active Duty…and Daddy, Please!” Here’s the description from Control T:

“The commander teaches the two Sergeants about discipline and power. One abuses it by spanking, via hand and paddle, a towheaded smooth bubble-butted soldier stationed at the camp for going AWOL. The Sergeant forces him up against the wall and insists that his milk white military butt be arched out and back to receive a thorough onslaught of hand and paddle punishments. Another of the wardens trainees spanks a muscular soldier for misconduct.”

“In Part 2: Buffed out older brother Todd is pissed at younger brother Billy, an insolent computer nerd who needs to be brought down a peg or two. 195lb Todd swiftly takes over 135 lb Billy. His ass is first beaten through his Levis as he is slung across his macho brothers lap. Todd is not satisfied and slips Billy’s Levis down over his pink ass and slim hips. Billy’s beautiful squirming boy buns make great target practice for roid-raged Todd.

“Then UH-OH-…. Daddy comes home. Seeing Daddy, we finally understand the patterns of physical abuse and sexual domination that have formed in this all male family. Dad makes Todd strip and we get to see his huge soldiers slump in fear and shame and his ripped abs quiver in fright. He pleads and tears form in his eyes as Dad makes him strip down to his bright white jock in front of the smirking little brother…”

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    Great blog. You would get more comments if you didn’t ask people to disclose their e-mail address or allowed anonymous posters

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    thank you. [And I will look into your comment suggestion.]

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