An Interview with Spanking Artist Franco

We are thrilled and honored to feature a short interview with the legendary spanking and fetish artist by the name of Franco.  He has been featured on my other blog way back in 2008 which you can check out Here….and there’s also a very intriguing interview, with some really outstanding questions, on the fine JockSpank blog which is over Here.

Anyway, enjoy and as always, your feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men!  It is a pleasure and an honor.

Dave, the pleasure is mine.  I really admire your honest appreciation for spanking.  You cross orientation lines so easily with spanking and are so secure about the subject.  It’s always a pleasure to chat with you.

Thank you Franco. So how are you doing these days?

Good.  Busy with family stuff, but no complaints…

Are you actively drawing new spanking illustrations, I hope or ?

Actually, I’m not drawing.  I reached a point of burn out around 2006.  The “burnout” included just a dissatisfaction with the growth of my style, and not the subject matter.  I also felt the spanking drawings were running me, and I needed to step back.  I also began taking care of aged family members.  I needed to change my priorities.

However, instead of using lead pencils, having a drawing table, and all that the usual 2-dimensional illustration process involves, I tend to play around with 3d media and photos on my PC….the spanking bug still bites and now I find that I can, be it with limitations, create some images in that way.

But it’s still not drawing.

Has your style/technique and inspirations changed over the years?

I think so, but like I said, recently I had some frustrations with path I was in or on…My inspiration as remained the same, primarily the male posterior, the male form.  Since my sexual attractions have always been towards men, some guys are really turned off by my F/M drawings.

Even more can understand why I don’t draw hot girls spanking men.  I guess that’s not what F/M spanking is to me.  And besides, I think there are plenty of images depicting MTV Babes swinging paddles or whips…again, not my personal F/M spanking emphasis.

I really like the fact that your work is both quite erotic but is also infused with a healthy sense of humor and fun…what are your thoughts on that?

I’m glad the humor shows through.  To tell you the truth, drawing spankings began for me as strictly a masturbation visual aid.  Nothing more.  So I was quite surprised that this deep dark odd taste of mine was shared by others.

Maybe somehow, humor is injected into the mix through that.  Also, I am not into severity, or beatings, in anger, rage, etc, etc….not my interest. Life is to interesting and precious to reduce it to flailing.

I would love to interview another excellent artist on this blog, Jonathan. What are your opinions on his style and his body of work?

I love Jonathan’s work.  It has lots of movement and action to it.  There is a real sexual tension in all of his spanking work, and he does do great F/M spanking drawings as well.  He is also a wonderful, warm and articulate man to converse with.  I particularly love the way he portrays his bottoms, and their bottoms — just so damn spanky.

Name a celebrity that could, in your opinion, use a good, old-fashioned spanking ? [and would you like to carry out the spanking..?} 🙂

I turned one of Franco's illo's into a "Behave!" poster, just for fun.

Justin Bieber.  I must admit that I’m falling behind (no pun intended) on my celebrity interest.  But he is one celebrity I would like to spank….hard!  Charlie Sheen could use a good spanking, but I wouldn’t be interested in doing it.

If you were on a desert island and could only bring one spanking implement, which one would you bring and why ?

Ahh, the desert island scenario, it is a fun one.  I would bring, a thin wood oval paddle.  I like thin wood paddles because of the splat factor.  They can sting without breaking or bruising the skin.  They can be applied briskly and it could cover both cheeks at once or you can focus on one cheek at a time.

When you are not thinking about [or drawing] spanked male bottoms, what are some of your “vanilla,” non-kinky interests and passions?

I love to ride my bicycle and I love dogs.  I love good wine and good music and taking road trips.  I also like looking at men’s butts…I am a hopeless butt hound….

Thanks very much for your time and keep up the awesome work!

Dave, thank you, and keep up the awesome work yourself.  Your latest venture has a unique focus. Thanks again!! and yes, of course…..Bottoms Up!

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3 Responses to An Interview with Spanking Artist Franco

  1. Strictop says:

    Anyone who loves Franco art should check out my Yahoo tribute site.

    I have done my damnedest to find everything our favorite artist has every done. No easy task. I have posted these images in the files section of the group, open to anyone who cares to join. There are only male tops on this site since Yahoo only gives me 100MB. (I will be putting up a Female top sister site soon).

    As far as the collection goes, I have included alternate versions of the various drawings and art pieces collected, but pure duplicates are eliminated, saving the best resolution version of each. My goal is to archive the best version of every image out there by Franco. So, I’d love to see what others have that I may not. I invite everyone to zip up what they have and send them to me. I love pouring over people’s collections and finding missing treasures!

    Again, here is the link to my Yahoo Group , Franco_Fan. Join me!

    – Strictop

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this info 🙂


  3. Jiff50 says:

    For various reasons I have only just come across your interviews with Franco. I have always enjoyed Franco’s work and can remember the first time I saw something by Franco, years ago, that it hit the spot for me perfectly. It was really great to read his comments on his own work.
    Thanks very much for posting and keeping up this site,

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