Exclusive! An Interview with the Original Director/Producer at M/m Spanking Company Control T Studios


Control T Studio

We are thrilled to feature an exclusive Q&A with Randy, who was the director and producer at the influential M/m spanking video company Control T Studio [CTS]. Enjoy! As always your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated 🙂

Thank you very much Randy for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men.com! So tell us what exactly was your role at Control T Studios, and how did you first get started in this biz?

A friend who shared my interests started CTS – and for the first year or so, operated out of his house in the San Fernando Valley. I ‘wrote’ and directed the vids – and ran camera on all but our freshman video.  It was shot in a rented house just above the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. I remember being in the middle of a take when we heard sirens screaming up the street and stopping outside.

We all jumped to the same conclusion and immediately started tearing down the lights and making the “talent” put their clothes back on. And we all rushed into the living room to sit “innocently” on couches in case the doorbell rang.  It didn’t. It wasn’t our house the cops invaded. We found out later that someone had been stabbed in a domestic argument two houses down.  I’ll never forget that first shoot.

How did you enjoy working/directing CTS films?

For the most part it was a hoot. I like to have a relaxed fun environment when I work – and tried to maintain that as much as possible.  Most of the time, we wouldn’t decide on the theme of the video we were shooting until we knew who was going to be in it.

That way we could cast more naturally.  We shot at night – or weekdays  – and it was often more of a guerilla exercise once I had the camera in my hands.  But with few exceptions we all – even the very sore boys – walked away grinning.

Are you still active today in creating spanking erotica? or no?

I directed a couple of vids a couple of years ago for Man’s Hand – the SMPD Series… that’s the most recent work I have done.  After shooting something like 50 spank vids over the years, I found I was running on empty.  So the SMPD concept really appealed to me.  It was also a chance to work with my friend Copper – who is not only a brilliant artist, but also one of the best spankers I have seen at his craft.

And if i may ask, are you tanning and blazing any tails these days?

Very seldom it seems.

Anyway, were you starring in those CTS films as well? [as a spanker?]

I came close once.  We had hired a young curly haired porn star for a vid – and had no top.  It was either going to have to be my friend who started CTS or me.  And I was itching to take that boy over my knee… very hot guy.  But I was in a relationship at the time, and felt it would cause unnecessary stress so reluctantly manned the camera.

Which Control T film [or scene] is your fav and why?

There were a couple – “Dean of Discipline” is probably at the top of the list, followed closely by “Bad Report Card” and “Group Therapy.” The “D of D” vid starred two guys both of whom were the other’s fantasy playmate.  You can tell the chemistry between them – and the boy’s obvious tumescence throughout proved it.  It was like witnessing one very very hot almost sexual encounter. I also really liked a couple of the boys –  their personalities as well as their butts.  Robbie comes to mind.

Who were some of your favorite fellow actors [spankee’s?] to work with on the set ?

Oh I wish I could remember their names – one of the boys in “Group Therapy” the one who breaks down – we starred him in another vid quickly cause he was so responsive – and there was a young man from New Orleans who took 3 buses to come audition for me in the West Valley.  Auditions were actually quite above board – generally no one had to take a spanking to prove they were right for the vid… but this young man from N.O. insisted on it – and I wound up casting him in three videos for his efforts.

Why do you think these older CTS films seem to intrigue today’s modern audience so much ?

I don’t really know – I’m too close to them to be objective.

I personally find some of the screen-shots from some of the CTS films really incredible….there is something about those “classic” shots. . . .

Thank you.  While we were obviously staging a fantasy every time, occasionally, when the guys connected, they provided those special moments that I hoped to capture.  So the praise really goes to the boys in front of the lens.

Do you think there are certain elements that are missing from today’s M/m spanking erotica ?

Yes, actually.  I made it a point to shoot as much in one take as possible. I pre-choreographed the moves with the talent – and figured out my movements so that I wouldn’t have to stop a shoot in progress unless one of the guys lost the train of thought – or I tripped over the myriad cables on the floor.  That gave the scene a reality that all the wonderful computerized editing programs available today cannot match, in my opinion.

You can stitch together a very well edited, very cleverly shot, clearly lit, sonically smooth sequence and it looks slick as hell.  But every time there’s a cut – it breaks the tension for me… cause I know what happens between takes.  To me, I leaned more towards trying to be a video voyeur.

That was what was hot about some of the scenes – they were very very real – and some of those long takes even with their out of focus moments and shaky camera – capture the real-time electricity between the spanker and spankee.  That said, there are some wonderful videos being made both professionally and by “amateurs” these days – and I tip my hat at both camps for turning out lovely pieces.


Reader Feedback: What is your favorite Control T video or scene? Well, here is mine, a true classic scene from A Good, Old-Fashioned Whuppin’:

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  1. Andrew505 says:

    Love Control T movies, though I cannot find where to buy either full movies as DVD or downloadable. Any help much appreciated. I would love to find Dean of Discipline, and the compendium Spare the Rod 3.

    A great interview. Thanks.

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