Blog Spotlight: JockSpank

One of the biggest M/m spanking blogs on the Interwebs is the awesome and spanktastic JockSpank blog, which features a delightful variety of spanking movie reviews, hard-to-find pix both new and vintage, bottom-blazing art, spankable ass and more.

In fact, the site had 3 million hits in one year(!) and attracts 2,500 unique visitors per day. Spanking4Men chatted with the primary blogger behind JockSpank to get the scoop on this wicked popular spanking log.

So what inspired you to start the JockSpank blog?

At the beginning it was just intended as a bit of fun. I have always had an interest in pictures and videos featuring handsome young guys getting spanked, and I set up JockSpank as somewhere I could post the pictures which I enjoy looking at. It was as simple as that.

Did you ever think it would become as popular as it is today? I believe in terms of traffic and popularity, you are at the top of the charts and deservedly so.

No I didn’t think it would be as successful as it has become, in fact to start with I was getting so little feedback that I almost gave up on it. However, then young Spankfan came along and asked if he could post there as well. For a while in 2008 Spankfan did most of the posting, and also, having someone else posting there made it more fun and renewed my interest in it, so I started again.

Around that time, and just out of interest, I installed visitor counting software to see if many people were visiting and I was amazed to find how popular the blog had become, and how many people were visiting every day. It was then I realized that JockSpank could start achieving something.

So I must give Spankfan a lot of the credit for keeping the site going in the early days and for attracting a lot of the initial interest.

Art by Jonathan

Other posters then joined, first SoupGoblin, who has his own blog “SoupGoblin’s Stash,” then Bruce, Duane and more recently Strictop, who posts a lot of interesting and unusual spanking art.

SoupGoblin and Duane don’t post much any more, but I hope they will continue at some point, as all of the posters share the credit for JockSpank’s success, and lets not forget Mark who produces the wonderful PhotoShop images.

What keeps you motivated to keep the blog going ?

Partly, it is checking the visitor stats, and seeing how many people visit the blog, and especially how many of them keep coming back. The stats are entirely anonymous and don’t provide any personal information, except whether people are return visitors and where in the world they are logging in from. JockSpank now averages 2,500 unique visitors every day, at least half of whom come back regularly, and they come from 133 different countries. So it seems that a lot of people enjoy what we are doing, and that, in itself is very motivating.

Also, it is great to be able to provide a showcase for so many great studios, such as Sting, Spanking Central, MancSpank, Reluctant Young Men, East Europe Boys, Mans Hand Films, Spanking Twinks, William Higgins and others and I hope we can give them a boost in terms of promoting their work, so that they can carry on making the stuff I want to see.

Of course, that is the main motivation!! Images of handsome “Jocks” with their pants round their ankles and being thrown over someone’s knee for a good hard butt warming. Now that really motivates me!!

Why do you think there are so few blogs that cover the male spanking fetish?

It is partly because, we are catering to what they call a “niche market,” sadly spanking is a minority interest by comparison with the mainstream vanilla (suck/f~~k) fans.

Man's Hand Films

There is also a limit to the amount of material which is available, which is in part, due to the huge amounts of video piracy which took place in the 1980’s and 90’s, firstly with VHS copying, and of course more recently illegal Internet sharing which drove a lot of studios like Filmco, ControlT and RedBoard to give up making spanking material.

The big vanilla studios can survive a bit of piracy, but when studios are servicing a more limited market then piracy can be quite devastating. The same thing happens with music downloads — the huge labels can fight back, the small independents studios can’t.

So I think the spanking community did themselves a disservice when they bought one video and then made copies for all their friends, or worse shared copies with thousands of total strangers on the internet.

We are a small community and we need to support each other, including the studios who make the videos we want to see. That is what I hope the current generation of spanking blogs are doing. If we don’t we will be reduced to watching home made videos. That may be some people’s choice, but it is not mine.

Who are your favest artists/illustrators in this genre?

There are quite a few artists who’s work I enjoy, particular favourites are Franco, Spryte, Jonathan and Copper who all include an element of humour into their drawings which I enjoy a lot. Also, another new artist Jason Driskill does the same.

Jonathan and Franco often add humiliation to their imagery which also ticks another of my boxes, provided it is not too extreme.

Of the non-spanking artists I especially love Etienne, who I actually prefer to Tom of Finland (who is also great) and I wish he had done a few more spanking images. There were also a number of artists working in the 1950’s and 1960’s for the likes of AMG who were really quite superb. A special mention to C of Sweden and Ken Beverley who also produce some delightful work.

What can we do to get Franco to start drawing again? 🙂

I believe Franco has been experimenting with different art forms using computer art and graphics prgrams, with some interesting and very erotic results. However, I would love to see him also produce some more original drawings like he used to. His style is unique and very erotic, it crosses the boundaries between M/M and F/M so it is enjoyed by a lot of people, and the world needs more of it.

If we all do what we can to encourage him, maybe he will feel inspired to start again.


Any favorite authors on the topic of M/m spanking  ?

I don’t know many spanking authors I am afraid. I read quite a lot, but not much porn. As far as erotica is concerned I tend to be more interested in visual pornography than I am in the written word.

There are exceptions, like most people my copy of Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckinridge automatically falls open at the chapter where Rusty has his medical exam.

As to spanking stories, I recall many years ago reading a story in Mans Hand Films “Red Tails” magazine called “Brad McGregor’s backwoods adventure,” it was illustrated by Jonathan and I believe the writer was called Michael Parks (although I could have that wrong). In the story poor Brad had a number of misadventures which usually (invariably) “ended up” with him getting his bare bottom spanked, it was a story which I still recall enjoying.

There was another story I read, probably also in Red Tails, where a boy had to climb a ladder, in the nude, and nail his underpants to the barn roof before getting spanked in front of his buddies, which touched on many favourite themes. That story stuck in my mind, but I do not recall the author’s name.

(I must ask Bruce if the same story inspired “Humiliating Rusty.”) However, you are asking the wrong person this question — I read so little, it would be unfair for me to make a judgement.

Who are your favest producers currently of M/m spanking erotica and videos?

Art by Franco

Sting is obviously my favourite, I think even the other studios will acknowledge Sting is in a different class. We are really lucky to have such a professional studio producing such high quality spanking movies. Not only are they professionally made, but the story lines are fun and believable, the acting is good in terms of the genre and their actors are very spankable. In every respect Sting are way out ahead.

However, given that Sting is in a completely different ball park, it is unfair to include them in the comparison, as there are a number of other studios which also produce excellent work. In terms of camera work and production values MancSpank and Spanking Central produce consistently excellent quality movies, and they both, of course, have charismatic and skilled tops in the able forms of Stuart and Cliff.

I enjoy Reluctant Young Men a lot also, they produce some very sexy videos, featuring very hunky straight guys getting more than they bargained for, which are usually a joy to watch. East Europe Boys is a very prolific studio and their work is very realistic, as such, it is not for the faint of heart, but for others that makes it more attractive.

Mans Hand Films and Spanking Twinks, good quality film makers who have both been around for a long while, and are classics of their type which are consistently reliable and enjoyable.

To my taste the actors in SpankThis! are a bit too “twinky” and “gay,” but that is down to personal taste, I generally like to imagine the guys being spanked are straight, and that is not really possible with SpankThis. However, their movies are well made and for lovers of twinks, rather than Jocks, SpankThis will be the answer to many dreams.

Another studio I have sometimes enjoyed is StraightHell, but they can also provide some surprises which are not for the squeamish, as they sometimes wander into areas where I don’t wish to follow them, so their work needs to be approached with caution and a strong stomach! If you enjoy the rougher sides of human interaction, you will find a lot to enjoy in Straight Hell.

If you were on a desert island, what one spanking implement would you take with you and why?

I would take a slipper, or, as it is a desert Island, a good pair of rubber flip-flops (“thongs” in Australian) would probably do the trick (Can I take a hairbrush as well please?)

Yes of course! And thanks much for your time and keep up the wonderful work!

You are more than welcome, I am pleased you enjoy it, and good luck with Spanking4Men!!


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