Uncle Spanks: A Discipline Classic from TropixxxVIP


"You live in my house. And you follow my rules."

This is one of my fav domestic discipline-style videos from the top-notch site TropixxxVIP, featuring Jason as a young, spoiled brat, a naughty teenager, who has stayed out too late, neglected his studies, and basically really pissed of his Uncle. Though to me he looks like a firm Daddy. It’s realistic and looks like some real, old-fashioned, over-the-knee bare ass tanning. The older spanker and bratty teen work well together in this vid.

His discipline is firm [but not overly severe] spiced with some traditional scolding and perfect presentation of a glowing, and squirming, perky ass, including the iconic jeans tangled at the ankles. Think this twinky teenager has learned a lesson though? Highly debatable! 🙂

"AM I finally getting through to you Jason??"

The spanking also progresses nicely from jeans to underwear to bare ass. I am quite surprised he didn’t get his Uncle’s belt for a much-needed strapping — or the hairbrush. However, I’m sure, hopefully, they’ll be a next time for this brat on Tropixxx. . . . .

"If this happens again, I'll be taking off my belt...."

Instant Access to hot M/m spanking action

p.s. THIS JUST IN: Tropixxx just updated their site with the classic shoplifter scenario, getting caught–and punished bare ass– right in the store. Here’s some preview pix for your viewing enjoyment:

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6 Responses to Uncle Spanks: A Discipline Classic from TropixxxVIP

  1. anthony says:

    so you got my interest in this tropixx clip but can’t find it on their site….do you know it’s proper name?

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Hi Anthony: The name of this clip is “The Spoiled Brat.”

  3. anthony says:

    Thanks…I think like you this has become one of my top favorite spanking clips….excellent scolding for this brat….and I agree a good hairbrush at the end would of capped this clip nicely. Even without hairbrush I call this one red hot.

    ps. I love your blog, it has quickly become of one my faves!!! Good work, please continue.

  4. Mr. Tushy says:

    Glad you are enjoying this hot spanking vid, and glad you are digging the blog, too 🙂

  5. anonymous says:

    I believe that the Hairbrush could be saved for another time A good ending for this Brat and his Spanking in my view would be one of two things .I would give him a good dose of a Leather Strap and depending on how he responds in general to the Spanking I think short learning experience with the Paddle would make this Spanking a rememable one and this would serve a good purpose

  6. Alan Paul says:

    I happen to like the hairbrush and the strap – but the hand is mighty efferctive!

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