Daddy Spanks in “Spank Your Buddy”

Simply classic over-the-knee butt blazin’ !

This is one of the best spanking pix I’ve seen. This “vintage” and iconic OTK image [mid 1980’s?] is from the Bacchus video entitled “Spank Your Buddy.”

In this scene, a traditional and stern Daddy comes home to find his naughty teenage son jacking off to some porn magazines, instead of doing his homework. The horror! What else is there to do but haul that bare-ass brat over his lap, jeans tangled at his ankles, and spank some sense into his backside??

As I enjoy messing around with pervy graphics and spanky photos, I had to play with the image a bit , and create some “alternate” versions of that classic bare ass tushy tanning image. Here’s one you might enjoy:

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