News from Reluctant Young Men, Sting, Tropixxx


Reluctant Young Men just released Part 1 of “Storefront Spanking” in which a naughty 24-year-old straight guy gets his ass taned with a ruler, in front of an open window, to make it even more embarrassing. Will these brats ever learn?

Sting Pictures just released “A Bad Week for Berry,” in which Barry’s bum is cherry reddened quite nicely…

TropixxxVIP features a hunky bad-boy who learns that shoplifting will result in a glowing, stinging ass. I’m assuming he’s getting the belt or paddle in the next update….We can only hope.

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3 Responses to News from Reluctant Young Men, Sting, Tropixxx

  1. Chris says:

    The young guy in Storefront Spanking is gorgeous!

  2. Jimbar says:

    Gorgeous or not a spanking is called for .He might look better after his Assisi tanned

  3. Alan Paul says:

    Sting is particularly effective – MORE!
    The hairbrush (or even the strap) would be next……

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