Spanking Updates from Tropixxx, Reluctant Young Men, PunishmentPlanet

Intriguing outdoor spanking…. In the latest update from TropixxxVIP, naughty brat Kyle gets caught by a security guard defacing the building with graffiti. He gets his pants yanked down, right in front of the building outside at night, for a good, old-fashioned bare behind ass tannin’. [On a side note, I think one of their best films is this domestic discipline classic.]


Hairbrush spanking fans will dig this update from Reluctant Young Men. In the continuing saga called “Store Front Spanking,” this hunky brat, wriggling over the knee, gets punished and disciplined good and proper, with a long and hard dose of the hairbrush, in front of the store window, where anyone can walk by and see his bubblebutt get tanned red as a cherry, glowing hot.


Now this is a spanking position one does not see everyday!!  In this extremely embarrassing and exposing “wheelbarrow” spanking from Punishment Planet, a naughty brat gets a hard dose of the paddle and a burning, angry red ass.


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One Response to Spanking Updates from Tropixxx, Reluctant Young Men, PunishmentPlanet

  1. Alexis S. says:

    The embarrassment enhances the spanking thrills…at least for me watching and also receiving my own spankings- can’t speak for the bubble butted hottie! 🙂

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