Drew Part 1: New Spanking Scene from RYM


In the latest punishment film from M/m spanking site Reluctant Young Men, old-fashioned Rich teaches a young brat named Drew a red-assed lesson in behavior with a good ass whuppin’, at one point yanking his white underwear into a wedgie, and tanning that ass good and red, and sending Drew into the corner to show off that freshly tanned backside. I do wonder what’s in store for Drew’s bare ass in Part 2? I’m guessing a dose of the stinging strap or butt-blazing hairbrush.

As Reluctant Young Men describes the scene: “Rich leads young Drew into the room by the ear, takes him over the knee and starts to spank him by hand over his pants until he’s grunting and gasping in pain.  He lowers his pants and continues over his tight, white briefs, beautifully filled by his tight, muscular, bubble butt.  It’s clear early on that Rich will eventually break this young man.”

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One Response to Drew Part 1: New Spanking Scene from RYM

  1. Anonymous says:

    it looks like Drew got more than bargains for .The corner time will give him time to think about what’s next .Iam hoping in part two that this young man gets a good dose of the Strap .I would save the hairbrush for later As far breaking this young man it looks like your at least half way there If there is encore prior to part two my recommendation would be another OTK but he would need to remove his shirt and step out of shorts and be completely naked.Iloved the clips Etc The only difference that I would make is in as much it was a good Ass whipping which was occurring to much time was spent on the Jeans and jockeys they need to come down andoffmuch sooner In addition I might start with a hand spanking but wasn’t using anything else it would need to be bare skin.However with that said it was a classicOtk spanking and good way to begin to correct a bad boy behavior.

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