Enjoying the Archives at TropixxxVIP

It’s well-worth checking out the member’s section archives of both vids and photos at TropixxxVIP, as there is a fine selection of red-ass M/m spank action, tanned and paddled butts and more. [There’s even some mouth soaping and temp-taking as well!] Below are a few samples of good, old-fashioned male spanking and discipline from the Tropixxx archives. Enjoy! 🙂


It takes a experience to hold a cigar in one hand, and spank a firm male ass with the other!


Perfect positioning--Bent over a couch, ass arched nicely, awaiting a good belt licking.


Is there any better, more practical spanking implement than the hairbrush? I think not!


Getting your jeans, and underwear, yanked down is always part of the punishment of a good spanking

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