Special Guest Columnist Franco: A Brief History of Male Spanking Erotica

We are pleased to feature a very special columnist, the famed fetish/spanking illustrator, Franco, who discusses the emergence and rise of male spanking erotica and videos. I have had the pleasure of corresponding periodically with Franco over the past several years, in addition to enjoying his awesome art, and he is kind, gracious and super cool.

[For more info on this top-notch artist and spankologist, check out Franco being interviewed in an excellent Q&A with JockSpank in 2009.  He also was a guest columnist for my other spanking blog back in 2008, where he offered a highly personal, fascinating account of his thoughts on the spanking fetish.]

Anyway, thank you Franco for being a guest columnist on Spanking4Men!

Written by Franco:

I was thinking recently about how spanking videos emerged.  I use the word emerged, because, in my memory, spanking, especially in videos, was not that common.

Keep in mind, I’m in my mid fifties.  At that time if you wanted erotica, other than Playboy, or a few others like Playboy, you had to go into an adult bookstore.  I first saw the inside of an adult book store when I was about 19, so we’re going back in time to about 1974.

In those days the bulk of erotica was printed material.  There were as many paperback books as magazines.  All of the paperback books, had illustrations on the covers depicting the story. By illustrations, I mean drawings.

Anything to cartoon-ish expressions to line drawings, to very realistic pencil work. Usually if you wanted any kind of spanking, you had to lean towards BDSM in some form or another. There was a good chance that it would either be drawings, or photography.  And in those days, the drawings were sometimes better.

The other major division was straight or gay oriented.  Again, magazines featuring photography of graphic sex, was common, and mostly straight. If there was any spanking, it was mostly M/F.  Sometimes you may see the opposite.  Gay oriented erotica tended to be more in paperbacks, with lesser portrayed in magazines.

Movies were on super 8 film, no sound.  Movie booths were no bigger than telephone booths, if you can remember those.  You dropped your quarters and the projector came to life and projected your porn for a few minutes on the inside of the booth door.  There was also the possibility of a glory hole, and you could either host or be hosted, if you know what I mean.

The movie was in a large cartridge and was looped so it would play through and start all over from the beginning. Those fine films were either straight or gay sex, with a smattering of some BDSM, possible in either orientation  With video companies like Colt or Nova, or Falcon, gay sex movies were coming of age, and real men, (with body hair and muscles) romped and cavorted with appetites for each other that was astounding.

Now this is just my observation, so I’m open to correction here.  But as I remember it,  spanking videos, especially male oriented spanking started to appear in the very early 1980’s, and I think the first company to advertise was Studio 7.  Those early films were again, super 8 and no sound, or you could buy a sound track on audio cassette.

Others arrived on the scene including Man’s Hand, and then later into the eighties as the transition from film to VHS video tape or BETA Video tape, Control T arrived.  I think that the change from film to video tape was a major change in the evolutionary development of spanking “movies” with the video format making them, (and all erotica) more portable.  Porn was coming out of the 50’s and was in the 80’s and it took the spanking venue with it.

Another big factor in the evolution of the spanking video was HIV. Early erotica, especially gay porn, had no concern about AIDS, as this was the “pre-AIDS days”.  The arrival of HIV had a big impact on the porn industry, making “specialtly” erotic more out there and worth considering.

Remember in those early days of AIDS there were not cocktails to take, this was the mother of all STD’s that was quickly fatal, and possibly ushering in a wider mind set on sexual fetishism.  Other sexual venues were more openly explored, i.e., spanking, which began to become separate from BDSM, leather, etc.

While we could still see hot leather dudes slapping each others asses, the spanking video “industry” was more focused on depictions of typical domestic and school style discipline with the usual characters, brothers, uncles, fathers, teachers, coaches, etc, etc…Spanking was beginning to stand on it’s on right, trailing away from the thought that spanking was only foreplay to intercourse.

Even spanking in the print form has changed as visuals are mostly bought and looked at online.  Even it the image is drawn, it eventually ends up on line as opposed to being in print form on the rack of an adult book store.  Graphic programs, 3d modeling programs, have also brought new visual expression to spanking imagery.

And finally, the fetish of spanking, can be broken down to various tastes, and interests within the fetish itself.  No longer is it an excuse for safe sex, it is seen not only for the innate eroticism and intimacy which is built in, but for the basic act that it is, start to finish.  As Mr. Webster defines it.  “To Spank, to strike the buttocks with the open hand, as in spanking.” You can’t get much clearer than that.

Bottoms up


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4 Responses to Special Guest Columnist Franco: A Brief History of Male Spanking Erotica

  1. Strictop says:

    Nice little histoire.

    If you like Franco’s art, please join us at Franco_Fan, a Yahoo group devoted to being the definitive archive of all things Franco!

    Subscribe: franco_fan-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

  2. Kent says:

    Thanks for the history. One small note: AMC was producing spanking films and stills before Studio 7 appeared, albeit nonrealistic and sometimes silly ones. I remember buying a super 8 short in the late ’70s or very early ’80s, for example.

  3. Mr. Tushy says:

    Strictop: thank you for the update on the Yahoo group on Franco.

    Kent: thank you for the info on AMC.

  4. Franco says:

    Kent your right about AMC, or was it AMG?? They were actually around in the mid and late 60’s, selling their wares under the heading of men’s health…and of course bodybuilding….Great point!

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