Spank First; Blog News; Plus Bare Ass Strapping from Tropixxx

From the Spanking4Men design lab. [I’m not clear where the original source photo is from….but really love this image…]

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BLOG NEWS:  If you haven’t seen it, there’s a super cool and fresh new Yahoo group devoted to spanking artist Franco.  You can get more info on JockSpank’s post on this Here.  In other red ass blog news, anyone know what’s up with the Leather Strap blog? one of my faves, as it hasn’t been updated since late May.  Speaking of strapping, a must-read blog is Black Male Butt Whuppin’ with a lot of sizzling stories and eye candy to enjoy.

*  *  *  *  *

In other spanking news, TropixxxVIP’s latest spanking update involves a young college-age bad boy by the name of Lane getting bent over the punishment bench, and getting a disciplinary dose of a large, heavy strap on his tight and smooth ass. A good, old-fashioned licking, which is just what he needs.   Watch the rest of his ass tanning here….


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