Caught Smoking, Joe Gets His Mouth Washed Out with Soap, and His Ass Smoked Red Hot on Tropixxx

In the latest butt-blazing update from Tropixxx, a young brat learns a valuable lesson about the dangerous health effects of smoking. . . . .i.e. it is very bad for you . . . .

As the site explains it: “Joe’s parents are out of town on an extended vacation and they have left his older brother Alex in charge. One day, when Joe thought Alex was out with his girlfriend, Joe decides to smoke while listening to music and skateboarding in the garage.”

“Bad news for Joe, as Alex comes home early and catches Joe smoking. Alex lectures his younger brother and then gives him a choice. Alex can either rat him out to their parents when they get home from vacation, or Joe can take his punishment from Alex.”

“Joe decides the later, and is quickly marched to the kitchen where he gets the tobacco smell washed out of his mouth with a bar of soap, and his ass spanked with a spatula.”

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