Of Spanking and Mouthsoaping

Photos in this post are courtesy of TropixxxVIP

Question: I was wondering how many of you are, in addition to sizzling bare ass spanking, also into mouthsoaping as a form of discipline? and/or enjoy seeing this old-fashioned form of behavior modification in your spanking erotica?

A fresh mouth gets washed out...

The M/m spank site Tropixxx has several sudsy, soapy scenes involving not only hard, ass tanning but also a bad boy getting his mouth washed out with a handy, well-lathered bar of soap.

Is that Ivory soap?

As I recall, some of these scenes have the naughty brat getting soaped, and spanked, at the same time, to make the punishment even more embarrassing and memorable. [I do think this traditional, old-fashioned Uncle should have washed this brat’s mouth out in this classic Tropixxx scene, before he tanned his hide over his lap, jeans in a tangle at his ankles.]

Personally, I think washing a fresh brat’s mouth out with soap is certainly quite effective, and a very domestic-style punishment, something a good Daddy might do, in addition to tanning a bare ass to a nice cherry red hue, glowing hot. 🙂

All photos courtesy of Tropixxx. Click below to get instant access to all the bare ass, butt-blazing Male on male spanking, paddling and discipline action:

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One Response to Of Spanking and Mouthsoaping

  1. Vince says:

    You asked how many are also into mouthsoaping as a form of discipline and/or enjoy seeing this old-fashioned form of behavior modification in our spanking erotica?
    I’ve always been totally into this — it makes it much better, except the boy should be nude or partly nude for mouthsoaping (just as he would be for the paddling).
    Step-dad almost always used these punishments (paddling and mouthsoaping) together, and since I was in trouble for masturbating as well, he sometimes gave me a penis-soaping. That was a Q-tip lathered up in hot soapsuds and slid into the prick, maybe in and out or twirled around a little — or keep it there while doing pushups or getting spanked and/or mouthsoaped some more! Then when I pissed afterwards it stung, and also when I ejaculated (step-dad would make me jack off for him, or would milk me himself while working me over).
    By the way, the answer to your question in the middle picture ‘Is that Ivory soap?’ is NO. It’s Lever 2000. Ironically, the top and bottom pictures on either side of it ARE Ivory soap!

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