CelebSpankoFakes is Back! And Other Spanking News


After a long absence, we recently received word that the PhotoShop wizards at CelebSpankoFakes have re-launched their site on a new domain and have redesigned their butt-blazing site as well, featuring impressive “fakes” of various celebs tanning each others tails.

Perv on over to the site at CelebSpankoFakes.  Where no celebrity is safe from a burning hot, cherry red and well punished ass.

*  *  *

In other red ass news, you can now subscribe to this blog via email right Here. Wicked cool! So you’ll simply receive an email everytime this blog is updated. Sweet!

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For those into strict women who know how to put a man in his place, there’s a hawt new F/m spanking update from Clare Fonda’s “Clare Spanks Men.”

*  *  *

The top-notch JockSpank blog recently posted up some intriguing spanking art that you might dig.

*  *  *

Reluctant Young Men’s latest update is a scorcher….

…..featuring young muscular hunk Dylan getting his bare ass blistered:

Watch the full video Here at Reluctant Young Men.

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