Caught Smoking, a Young Brat Gets Punished with a Hairbrush Spanking on Tropixxx

Photos in this post are courtesy of TropixxxVIP

As you may recall in Part 1, naughty boy Joe got caught smoking and had his mouth washed out and his ass tanned. Will he ever learn? Apparently not. . .

In the latest spanking update from Tropixxx VIP, Joe’s older brother once again catches his younger brother smoking–and decides to punish him this time just like Dad would: with an over-the-knee spanking with the hairbrush.

First over his underwear…………….

Eventually bare ass of course………a strict brother making sure he gets his message across with some traditional discipline. . . .

"Let's get your underwear down and tan this bare backside, good and proper..."

…and a burning hot bottom…….

All photos courtesy of Tropixxx. Click below to get instant access to all the bare ass, butt-blazing Male on male spanking, paddling and discipline action:

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10 Responses to Caught Smoking, a Young Brat Gets Punished with a Hairbrush Spanking on Tropixxx

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh Joe…don’t feel too bad. When it comes to learning spanking lessons…I’m a slow learner too! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Slow learner or not a good tanning of ones Hide should serve as a lesson in regard to smoking However if a repeat performance is necessary the climate demands a change needs to occur as to whst going to happen the second time around over the Knees is no longer a option A second timer punishment that has bee earned of course will be needs to get something differentI believe this Brat who continues to disrespect and disobey should have a session with the Paddle and or the Leather strap This of course should be given on the BareAss without question or discussion

  3. Anonymous says:

    This young brat needs much more than the Haiir brush .I recommend because it’s a second offense for basically the same thing Disobeying ETC thst he have a more serious Licklin with the Leather Strap .This of course will be across his Bare Ass.I would think this could occur in a couple different ways 1) he could lay it across a spanking bench and or lay it out on a couch or Bed with pillows used to raise himself if in order that the Spanker. Would have a good target

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is little question that this clips shows a awesome spanking occurring Athough not a fan of the hairbrush It appears to work very well in this situation Perhaps will need to rethink my Virw on the hair brush The clips of this OTK spanking gets better as it proceeds in my view all spanking should start and end with one Naked howeverbin the clips shown they start in his Jockeys and proceeds to have them taken down this way it should be done if choice is to start with ones Jockeys on .It really makes little difference how it starts and ends as long task at hand and goal is met .In this situation there seems to be little question about this .

  5. mjldoc says:

    No need to overthink it–SMOKE HIS ASS!!

  6. anonymous says:

    In regard to disobeying and smoking after the first time it gets real serious .I have little tolerance for repeat offenders of any kind especially when it involves one disobeying in These situations there would be little communication but plenty of action In essence it would be aAss whipping to remember and you can be sure there wouldn’t be a repeat performance of disobeying

  7. Jimbar says:

    it makes no difference if it’s the first time or not Disobeying of any kind cannot be tolerated therefore a big time Ass whipping is on the arisen I say Smoke that Hide until it turns it turns all kinds of colors and in addition make sure that the disobeying Btrat doesn’t sit down comfortable for a while and don’t mean a couple days either .

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