Spanko Movie Poster Parodies; And New M/m Spank Fiction from Erotica Author Loki Renard


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From the Spanking4Men Graphique Design Lab. [Source pic for first poster is SpankThis; the second poster is Studio 7. I’m unclear on the source pic for the third one.]  Anyway, hope you like:-)

In case you missed it, check out some other parodies posted on this blog recently, including the sci-fi classic 2011: A Spanking Odyssey and of course the legendary crime drama The SpankFather.

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In other red-ass news, the sizzling erotica author Loki Renard has delved into the red-ass realms of M/m spanking [yes!] with her newest wicked hot book, “Call Me Boy.” You can read an exclusive excerpt right over Here, and find links to obtain the book on Amazon and Lulu.  Happy reading!


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