Jay Gets Tanned on Reluctant Young Men

In the latest butt-blazing update from Reluctant Young Men, naughty hunk Jay gets a bare ass tanning the proper way — pants down and over the knee.  As the site describes the scene: “There is nothing as sexy as a shy, young straight guy about to get a spanking.  Jay looks so nervous and scared as Rich takes him OTK and starts to spank.

“His embarrassed grunts, gasps, pants and whimpers as he bites his lip and thrashes about on Rich’s lap, trying desperately to maintain some composure, make him look so vulnerable and immature.”

“Rich turns his sexy, bubble butt bright red, then has him stand, looking bewildered and dazed to face the camera in shame, before being sent to the corner.”

View the entire film now at Reluctant Young Men……..

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3 Responses to Jay Gets Tanned on Reluctant Young Men

  1. Jimbar says:

    Nice clips of Jays hide getting tanned It looks like one good Spanking has occurred At beginning Jay nervous and shy that still be but now he has a very sore Hide .Iam not a big believer of OTK spankings but in the situation it was a Classic Spanking OTK

  2. Alan Paul says:

    I happen to like all positions – but prefer to have the spankees fully clothed, excerpt, of coursse, with pants and boxers (or briefs) down. I think it’s sexier to see just the bottom exposed, rather than fully naked. Just my thought!

    • Anonymous says:

      Iam not a big believer in the OTk. Position I prefer the spanking bench and or a couch/Bed. my preference is to make sure that I have a clear path to the target which is one hide.The Boxers and or the Briefs down to the. Ankles would be my choice In some situations having the boxers and or Briefs on could lead to a warm up and then they could be bought down to the ankles or one could actually step out of them before further action takes place .In my view it s essential that the hide would need to be bared

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