Obey and Behave! Or Daddy Spanks!

Just a fun propaganda-style graphic I threw together [in the style of artist Shepherd Fairy’s famous posters] and then I “vintage-ified” it a bit.  It’s based on one of my fav M/m spank pix, that I first saw on the JockSpank blog.  Anyway, the pic features a spankee named Eddie Perez from a vintage Filmco spank flick, looking like he’s having a talk with Daddy.  Love the perfect positioning. [Below is the original photo]

You can watch some hawt ass-tanning Filmco classics instantly on-demand, now distributed through a company called Bacchus, by clicking right Here. Enjoy!

[Here’s a link to another all-time classic Bacchus/Filmco classic.]

*  *  *

In other tushy-tanning news, the talented producers at Sting Pictures unveiled their latest video “Up a Creek” [With a Paddle?] that features some quite lovely, very high-res and red-ass photography, a sample of which is below:


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