Straight Men In Trouble: Hunky Jocks Get Punished

“I’m gonna’ really punish you this time….”

“…keep that ass arched. This is only the beginning of your discipline.”

If you dig intense hardcore bondage, degradation, and other S&M pursuits involving muscular hunky jocks getting their clothes ripped off and tied up and punished and paddled and more, you may want to perv over to Straight Men in Trouble.

They do have some scorching spanking scenes that are closer to my spanking interests, and I’ve included a few hawt samples of that red-ass, bottom-blazing, blistered-butts action for your viewing enjoyment. [This site, fyi, is run by the same producers behind the excellent straight-ahead spank site: Reluctant Young Men.]

“This is what happens when you don’t learn the football playbook, and since you are the tight end, I’m gonna light this tight end on fire…”

“I told you if you slacked off your training regimen, I’d pull you into the locker room and tan some sense into that backside of yours….”

Here’s a few more sample pix from Straight Men in Trouble:

For more hardcore bondage, visit Straight Men in Trouble.

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2 Responses to Straight Men In Trouble: Hunky Jocks Get Punished

  1. Jimbar says:

    Great ClipsThe paddle certainly did it’s work .I love the clips of those Jocks and there Hot Hineys I would recommend without discussion that a paddle tans a Bare Ass Best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hunky Jocks or not The paddle teaches something very unque especially when it used on the Bare Ass.It always a Classic Whipping and one the spankee will remember for a long time

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