The Spanking Machine Artistry of Franco and Jonathan


Will the ultimate spanking machine ever be perfected and patented? More hands-on research will be conducted, that’s for sure.  And talented artists like Franco and Jonathan are hard at work on this butt-blazing issue, as seen here in this special spanking machine gallery. [First four are by Franco and the last two are by Jonathan.]

Which one is your favorite?

* * *

Forthcoming on Spanking4Men: Franco reveals his Top 10 favest spanko pix. Yes!

Have you checked out the Spanking4Men cinema? Watch what you want, when you want: on-demand…and fast forward to the good parts:-)

In other red-ass news, Reluctant Young Men unveils Part 3 of Jay’s butt whuppin’ — in this installment, Rich whips out his trusty hairbrush and proceeds to paint Jay’s backporch a bright red. [Click here for pix from the first part.]  On a site note, hope they produce more domestic scenes with PJ’s peeled down.

In spankable news, if you are seeking hunky jocks itching for a tanning, look no further than JockSpank’s post.

The Artist Known as Turquine features some intriguing spanking art on his site. Do perv on over and check out his crimson-bottom themed illos, in which the paddle is featured prominently in some frat hazing scenes.

Stay tuned, at some point, for a forthcoming Q&A with LS from the Leather Strap spanking blog. I did send him the questions about 3 months ago…*unbuckles my leather belt* 😉

In other news, I started an online shop of fun spanko apparel. You might enjoy this “OTK University” t-shirt so you can make a subtle fashion statement about your spanko fetish.

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2 Responses to The Spanking Machine Artistry of Franco and Jonathan

  1. Duane says:

    Love the idea of a Spanking Machine! Jonathan and Franco have great imaginations. Thanks for posting those, I Really enjoy your blog

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Thanks Duane–and glad you are enjoying the blog 🙂

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