Guest Columnist Franco: My Top 10 Favorite Spanking Pix

In a super cool exclusive feature, we are stoked to present a special guest columnist, the legendary spanking artist Franco. I had been corresponding with him about our favest spanking pix, and I asked him if he could select 10 of his favest spanking pix, as a special guest column on Spanking4Men. And we can see where Franco gets a lot of his artistic inspirations for his spanktastic artwork….

Written by guest columnist Franco: Top 10 Favorite Spanking Pix

Number 10
I like the cropped close up, and the angle of the hand to the bottom…for me there is a lot going on there:

Number 9
There is another angle on another photo that I used to have with these same two players…I don’t know if this is from a video or not…but I like the spanky feel to it:

Number 8
I like this image, it really seems to be moving and the spanker is applying that paddle just on the right spot and apparently with just the right zing!

Number 7
This is from the British Boy’s Fetish Club site…stills from a video, which I’ve seen and love.  This is a great spanking and a very good spanker:

Number 6
I believe this is a still from a Sting Video….This is a great crop and I would love to see this photo set or this video…I like the spanker, from what I see, as well as the boys reaction:

Number 5
“Le Clef” is an old pic that’s been circulating for years…this is not the best one…but I think it’s from the French spanking club, and I would LOVE to see this video:

Number 4
This is a Sting pic And I love the spanker, and I love the spankee….I think he has the ideal posterior:

Number 3
I like the moment of impact, the angle of the boy and his expression. [Editorial Note: I believe this is from SpankThis.]

Number 2
I think the spankee’s name is Mark in this photo from Sting,  but I love his bum and his overall posture…his reactions are great:

Number 1
I think this is not a pure spanking vid, but may be a part of a gay video….This would be the only part I’d be interested in…I like the camera angle, and the the overall composition:

That’s my top 10 for now…of course I do have others…..LOL 🙂

Thanks Dave
and Bottoms up

Thank you Franco!




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3 Responses to Guest Columnist Franco: My Top 10 Favorite Spanking Pix

  1. Ugly Doug says:

    I think Number 9 is from a CP4Men video ( . The boy in Number 6 is Tigger, in a scene from “My Borstal Days”, he does give some great facial expressions. This is a good selection

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Thank you for the info on these pix 🙂

  3. Jim Burke says:

    I liked all the clips they were great without doubt .In regard to 4) Stingpic it would have been much better if spankee had his jockey shorts either down or off

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