Awesome New F/m Spanking from Franco

The unstoppable artist Franco strikes again, red-ass style, with the sizzlingly perfect illo, of an old-fashioned teacher tanning the hide of one of her unruly students! Apparently a very bad boy. Love his expression; perfect bottoms-up positioning, legs spread; the underwear perfectly tugged to right below his butt; and all the little details are awesome.

Clad in only t-shirt and socks: that’s hot. And his tail is about to be as red as the apple sittong on the teacher’s desk. As always, spanktastic work Franco!

>>>Reader Question: Would you like to see more F/m on this blog, or no?

Here’s another similar themed illo that Franco had sent me, with some intriguing webcam filming going on by this pervy school principal! I wonder if he knows his ass whuppin’ is being broadcast on the Internet??


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2 Responses to Awesome New F/m Spanking from Franco

  1. Chris says:

    Yes please, more F/m!

  2. Alan Paul says:

    Love all Franco pics – especially the eariler ones where the spankee is dressed – except with the pants down! It doesn’t matter to me if the spanker is male or female – I olike them all!

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