Father Knows Best: Daddy Punishes Naughty Son for Smoking with a Hot, Bare Ass Spankin’

When you disobey your Dad, you know your in for a long trip over his lap for a scorching spanking. . . .

Dad! I'm sorry, I won't smoke again...I promise.....

Smokin’-hot new update from Reluctant Young Men! An old-fashioned jeans around the ankles, over the knee ass tannin’ from Dad for this hunky brat by the name of Justin–and just what he needs for sneaking cigarettes into his Dad’s house, resulting in a smouldering, glowing and stinging ass: firm, tight and red.

You are way overdue for some teenage discipline, young man...I've had it. Now arch that backside !

What the hell was he thinkin’??? In my house, he’d get the same over the lap punishment. Exactly what a naughty teenager needs. On Reluctant Young Men, Rich scold, lectures and punishes this bad boy the old-fashioned way, starting over jeans, undies, bare ass then naked. Punished with a firm hand and a sizzling ruler.

Now then, let's get these undies down and tan this bare tail good and proper.


Much better with your undies and jeans tangled at your ankles, so I can teach you a hot lesson about the dangers of smoking.


Dad! I'm sorry....!

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