Prepare Your Ass: Rogue Cop

My graphical interpretation of Franco’s famed “Cop Spank” illo, as featured in the previous post. Wish this was a “real” movie! So many opportunities for tag-lines and plots i.e. a rebel, rogue cop on the loose who, literally, takes the criminal justice system into his own hands.

You have the right….to get your tail tanned.

*  *  *

Working right now…it’s called red ass research, you see, 😉 on a future post on my top 5 pix from Tropixxx, and this series is most certainly on that list. Just love those pix!

*  *  *

In other red ass news, Sting has a delicious update about a Doctor who has his own posterior prescription for improved health….and behavior.

Young man, take your medicine!


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