Spanking4Men Exclusive: An Interview with LS from the Leather Strap Spanking Blog

After waiting for the responses to these interview questions for the past 5 months or so, we are, finally, at long last, quite delighted to feature a wonderfully candid Q&A with the tireless spanking blogger LS, of Leather Strap Spanking fame. And yes, I have been informed his real life partner, aka: “Dad,” is already unbuckling his seasoned leather belt and tanning his hide for taking so long to respond! 🙂

A tribute graphic I made for LS. Source image is from: SpankThis

One of my favest M/m spanking bloggers, LS includes heaps of toasted buns pix, hard-to-find cherry red imagery, spankables, lots of surveys and polls, and perhaps most famously, his own highly detailed accounts of his delicious discipline from his “Dad.” File under: OW!

Thx LS for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men!

My pleasure Dave!

So I’m wondering what inspired you to start a spanking blog to begin with?

Well, I used to run a Male to Male Spanking website called that some in our community may remember. I made the decision to discontinue it for a variety of reasons.

However, one day I came across JockSpank’s Blog and realized that by creating a blog, I could express my my ideas and thoughts without having to implement the infrastructure needed to run a website.

So I dived in and I hope I’m bringing a unique perspective to the male to male spanking online scene. I like to focus on the ideas of accountability, punishment and the act of learning a lesson, rather than than just the erotic pleasure aspect of being spanked as an adult…even though pleasure does play a roll in the experience.

You seem to have a very special affinity for the leather strap, obviously….can you elaborate on your interests on that particular implement?

For me, a leather strap or belt is the most erotic of the spanking implements. I think this is due to the fact that it was how I was disciplined growing up by my father and later in my teen years, by my stepdad. They both used a leather belt on me, so I think for me it is what I focus on the most.

Do you own a collection of leather spanking items, razor strops and the like?

Dad's belt

Yes. My partner who I call ‘Dad’ on the website has a large collection and so do I. Manly belts and leather straps. However, we also have many different paddles, canes and switches, whips that he uses when needed.

On a side note, if you haven’t been to their site, I was thinking that you would really like the high-end leather items made by The London Tanners….?

Love that site… I think Dad will soon be making a few new purchases that may very well show up on Leather Strap Spanking soon! LOL! Oh Man!!!

Hehe….If i may ask, are you more of a spanker or a spankee in the real world and/or in your fantasies?

I’m definitely a spankee and prefer that position… however, having been spanked, paddled, whipped and caned quite extensively… I also have developed an affinity for what it takes to be a good spanker too!


His "Dad" shows off a few tools of the trade

No doubt! There is a lot of juicy narratives and stories on your blog–so are those real-life accounts, or sometimes fiction and fantasy or ?

I’m glad you asked this question, because a lot of people have asked me this. The ‘Story Shorts’ as I call them are all fiction such as ‘The Spanking Chair’ and ‘Waiting on punishment’ series of posts, but they are inspired by the feelings and experiences I had as a boy and teenager growing up.

My father was in charge of discipline when I was a kid up until I was about eleven. After my parents divorce I went through about two years with no discipline at all! I ran wild.

Then Mom got remarried when I was just turning fourteen and my Step-dad entered the picture and was in charge of discipline through my teen years. These personal experiences growing-up are reflected in the writing of many of those stories.

However, all the content on the site that is about me (LS) and my partner (Dad) is for the most part reality. We have a unique and loving relationship and we are solidly committed to each other.

When I started this blog I was hesitant at first to share my own personal experiences online, though we did some of that with photos and pictures in the older website. However, after talking it over with ‘Dad’ and setting some ground rules, we decided to do so.

So most of what is posted about us is true. When the guys on the site vote for a number of licks in a spanking, paddling, whipping or caning I actually get every singe one of those licks… No joking guys!!! So for the men at LSS out there reading this… remember that!!!! PLEASE!

We have a unique relationship. He is older then me in both age and temperament. I on the other hand look, feel and act much younger. This relationship works well for both of us. In writing the accounts of my punishments, I do embellish a little here and there to make the experience more exciting for the reader…

But the majority of the what I write about happens just as it is written. The punishment are real and they do hurt… oh man do they hurt! I can vouch for that!

Dad has chosen not to appear in pictures, video or voiceovers. I have to respect that choice and maintain his privacy. so as far as I know at this time, that will not change.

Lots of your scenarios focus on domestic discipline i.e. the strict Dad…is that your favest scenario?

Absolutely! It is at the heart of my love of Male to Male Spanking. And I like the deeper aspect of knowing someone is looking out for me, giving me guidance, discipline and punishment when I need it. Makes me feel good!

Probably a dumb question….butt…if you were on a desert island, what specific implement would you take with you and why ? 🙂

LOL… you guessed it… a good length of leather strap! And or course Dad to wield it!

Who are some of your favest spanking artists?

I have corresponded with Copper, Jonathan and recently Franco. On my old website both Copper and Jonathan created some custom drawings for me. They both created illustrations of me getting punished, which I posted on my site at the time.

I still see some of those drawings floating around the web.  I’m hoping maybe I might talk Franco into doing the same! LOL… I love all three… and many more besides… each brings a unique aspect to the Male to Male Spanking experience and I love them all.

When you are not involved in red-ass related activities, what are some of your non-kinky, “vanilla” passions and hobbies and such?

Love reading and watching movies. I like running, biking and swimming and working in the garden… got to keep slim and trim and keep that ass tight!! I’m also a big art fan and like to go to gallery openings and create some of my own art work both sculptural and digital. I also get a lot of pleasure from my online activities.

Thanks much for your time, and keep up the tail-blazing work!

Click on the strap to visit LS!

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  1. Laurie says:

    Where the hell is LS gone??? His blog got removed…. Do you have any information?

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    I have been informed recently that he, sadly, has closed down his blog, to pursue other interests 🙁 🙁 He thanks all of his many loyal readers for their support over the years.

    That is all I know.

  3. Jimbar says:

    In regard to LS from Leather strap spanking I believe it was in poor taste and disrespectful the way the site disappeared without any notice.In regard to LS specially Its my belief that most of stuff he posted was a little over the top and perhaps far from being true

    • Alan Paul says:

      I liked Leather Strap. As for notifying us, why is that important? And why should everything be always true? I feel you’re not being very respectful yourself and probably ‘over the top’ with your comments!

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