Father, or Football Coach, Knows Best

>>>A domestic looking scene, but it’s actually a football coach having a ……discussion with one of his players. Hm…… 🙂

Just for spanktastic fun: I took a few of my favest images from a classic Tropixxx vid and brought them into the S4Men Graphixxx Lab. After some aging and retro-stylizing work on it, it certainly looks quite “authentic,” so to speak.

Gonna' paint this backporch red, and teach you a lesson!

The scene from the Tropixxx vid is  a football coach punishing one of his misbehaving players. Hope he learns his football playbook and stops skipping practice! Very bad!

Be that as it may, with the graphical alterations, it looks like Dad is home and he’s not too happy with his fresh, sassy teenager, who’s gettin’ a good, old-fashioned, over the knee bare ass tanning. . . .and sent to his room with a stinging, and steaming hot, backside.

OW! B-but I'll behave...I promise!

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