Office Discipline

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9 Responses to Office Discipline

  1. Ugly Doug says:

    What a great butt he has, perfect for spanking

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    Agreed 🙂

  3. Alan Paul Curtis says:

    About to be spanked. What a great ass!

  4. mastersboi1973 says:

    i would like to see more picks of guys being spanked at work.

    • Alan Paul says:

      OH-Boy! Agreed – and in suits with their shirts pulled up and pants partway down and their bare behinds stickimg out – I’m about to come just thinking about it!
      If you’re like me, a suit (or dressed up) has a sexier effect than a completely nude individual as the spankee – I love to see the bare bottom exposed between the pants and shirt…


  5. Alan Paul says:

    I bookmarked this pic – his behind is SO sexy!

  6. Alan Paul says:

    I think the subject sdhould have a frightened face and shouold be saying:
    “I’m sorry M. Jensen I missed the stasff meeting – but couldn’t we discuss why first?”

    • Alan Paul says:

      You’re getting a spasnking with my hairbrush – right on your bare behind – in front of the whole office! I want them all to see what happens when somebody misses a staff meeting!

  7. Alan Paul says:

    Would emphasize the adding on the ‘first.’
    What a perfect ass! Were I ‘Mr. Jensen’ I wouldm’t hesitate to spank it bare whether mor not we discussed it first!

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