New from Tropixxx: Porn Star Rob Ryder Gets his Tight Bottom Tanned Cherry Red

Adult film star Rob Ryder learns a lesson the old-fashioned way on Tropixxx

Sizzling new red ass deliciousness from Tropixxx!

In honor of the forthcoming Spanksgiving Day holiday, the spanking producers at Tropixxx just unveiled a film that is one of their best yet, in my humble opinion, starring the highly spankable porn star Rob Ryder, who also has starred in other Tropixxx vids.

Rob Ryder: So naughty, so spankable.

And I am really digging the look of these screen-grabs from the vid. . . .very domestic, paternal, classic in the Father Knows Best style.

Oddly, the plot is that there is no plot, kinda.  You see, adult film star Rob Ryder arrives late [bad boy!] at the studio, so they have to shoot the scene extremely quickly….

And they are forced to film the over-the-knee butt whuppin’ sans any plot. Due to time constraints, apparently. Which is kinda’ the non-plot, if you will.

that is SO embarrasing!

But what a terrific old-fashioned tanning!

Starting on Rob’s jeans, white undies and finally bare ass, with lots of facial reaction shots and perfect OTK positioning. Eventually Rob has his arm pinned down and his legs locked under, with his tight, smooth, perky ass arched–he’s not going anywhere until he gets his butt blazed.

With the jeans and undies in a jumbled tangle at Rob’s ankles [totally love that detail!], the scene has the look of a classic Daddy style spanking for a naughty brat. Overall, spankastic work by the producers at Tropixxx 🙂 🙂

>>>>Watch the full film now and many more at Tropixxx. Instant Access to glowing, sizzling ass.

P.S. Here’s another fantastic photo from an earlier Rob Ryder spanking classic from Tropixxx. Rob has really pissed off his football coach, who takes matters into his own hands:

Let’s get these down and tan some sense into this sassy ass of yours…

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