New Art by Franco: Weekend at Uncle’s

Enjoy this spanking fresh new illo by the unstoppable Franco, who continues to produce amazing butt-blazing artwork at a blistering pace.  In “Weekend at Uncle’s,” you know if you stay at his house, it’s his rules….Love that firm hand positioned perfectly just a few inches over that perky posterior, and the spanker’s focused expression. It’s obvious that this brat is going have a feverishly hot ass. . .

The Uncle spanking theme appears to be one of the most popular scenarios and fantasies over at Tropixxx, and Tropixxx filmed it wonderfully as seen in this post Here, and also in this Uncle spanking post, to name just a few. . .And this iconic bedtime PJ’s down ass tanning from Reluctant Young Men could be a Daddy scene or maybe a firm Uncle?

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2 Responses to New Art by Franco: Weekend at Uncle’s

  1. Alan Paul Curtis says:

    What does “illo” stand for?

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    “Illo” is just a short way of saying illustration.

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