Behind the Scenes with Franco: Army Spanking

Artwork by ULF

I recently saw this intriguing image seen above for the first time, created by an artist known as “ULF” in 2005. The spankee looked quite familiar, and I thought the spankee originated from a Franco illo, and it turns out that is indeed the case.

Franco informed me that ULF liked his drawing, below, quite a bit, not surprisingly, that ULF decided to incorporate it into his own blended, skillfully Photoshopped image of smouldering military ass tanning.  This is the only collab between the two–we can only hope for more. . .

Artwork by Franco

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3 Responses to Behind the Scenes with Franco: Army Spanking

  1. antonio martinez says:

    This FRANCO is fantastic!!!. Any body knows where can be bought his works?

  2. Alan Paul says:

    Great as usual!

  3. Jake says:

    I read somewhere a comment from a soldier from the WW1 or WW2 erra, that said spanking wasn’t uncommon in the military. They were paddled regularly during training for bad behavior. Probably even after training was over. Too bad that still insn’t the case today.

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