Office Discipline: Behind the Scenes with a Franco Classic

A classic illustration from 1995 by legendary artist Franco

I love this discipline in the workplace theme, though in my opinion, it should be the boss getting his butt blazed. 😉

Anyway, I asked Franco for his recollections on creating this wonderful, iconic spanking art:

Written by Franco: “Wow, this is an old piece.  I think it’s from an original that I must have given away, and it’s been scanned.  I did not draw in Sepia tones, as this was probably lead pencil on cold press illustration board.”

“I don’t recall what inspired me to do this other than the fantasy of a masculine thirty or forty something male boss spanking his youngest underling in front of his peers.”

“Again, as with most of my spanking ‘thoughts’ it is the dominant over the submissive while others watch, with the entire dynamic placed in a work setting: Domestic Discipline methods at work.  It worked for me.  Being younger then, the idea of a more mature man spanking me was a nice thought.”


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One Response to Office Discipline: Behind the Scenes with a Franco Classic

  1. Alan Paul says:

    Love this one! Especially that he’s dressed (except for his bare behind) and that others are watching – their turn next!

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