Spanked at Work: New Illo by Franco


First off, thanks to all for participating in the survey, as seen in the previous post. I greatly appreciate your input and feedback.  The survey will remain online for a while, so feel free to check it out if you haven’t already.

Anyway, above we have a spanktacular new illo from the unstoppable Franco, featuring one of my fave themes: spanking in the workplace, with a butt-blazing boss punishing two of his misbehaving employees, with two more looking on with…surprise and shock, and most likely enjoyment. Love the detail of his jeans and underwear at half-mast. Very embarrassing.

*  *  *

The always gracious Franco has allowed me to post some of my “variations” of his work periodically, so below is a quick little alteration of the above illo, in which a security director tans the hides of two shoplifters. You can see I spelled “shoplifting wrong” ! A spankable offense perhaps!


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