May We Have More Rob Ryder Spanking Pix Please?

Why, yes you may have more red-ass spanking goodness!

All pix courtesy of TropixxxVIP.

What’s up my fellow spankos. I have received more than a few emails, not surprisingly, asking for more piccies of adult star Rob Ryder’s ass getting a hot tanning, as recently seen on TropixxxVIP.

Well, these are not new, they have graced these pages before, but the Spanking4Men graphixxx lab added a few nifty effects to these images. Hope you will enjoy the eye candy that is Rob’s spankable ass.  🙂

BTW, you can read an interview with the top producer at Tropixxx here.

Tropixxx has some awesome plans in the works for 2012 regarding major changes to their website, so do stay tuned!

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