Guest Columnist Franco: A Baker’s Dozen of Spankable Buns

Hope everyone had a wonderful spanktastic holiday! In case you need a cold-weather warm-up, we are psyched to offer up a guest column by famed fetish illustrator Franco, who selected 13 highly spankable buns, that certainly are in need of attention. [Dear Readers: Just curious….Which one do you think is the most spankable and why?]

Written by Franco: “Spanking4Men, is offering a special, a baker’s dozen of fresh buns.  While they’re not hot…yet, they should be, and we think you’ll agree that these posteriors need to be heated up. Here are some bunz we think you’ll love to spank.

“So place your order and let’s serve em up hot, and spanked!”



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7 Responses to Guest Columnist Franco: A Baker’s Dozen of Spankable Buns

  1. Dave and Franco… great picks… all of these guys have hot asses! All needing to be spanked or whipped good and hard! If I had to pick… well, I love number 3… the guy on the couch waiting with his jeans still on… the way that line of denim is running up his ass… is well, just plain hot! But I would also have to choose number 10… the guy in the red wrestler outfit… his butt need a good whipping for sure… finally the guy below the wrestler… in black and up against the wall… this big round buns are beyond hot and are just begging to be strapped!

    Love this post… way to go guys!

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    🙂 🙂

  3. Alan says:

    Hot, hot hot – I’d choose number 2, with his bubble butt all bare, sticking out.

  4. Jimbar says:

    All the clips were great .They all need to have there Hide Tanned .However If I had to pick one it would be the Guy who had his Jeans on.If I was to Spank him his jeans .They wouldn’t be on long if he was going to get his Ass Tanned by me .It would be interesting to observe the condition of his Ass after he was spanked .It certainly would be attitude adjustment .

  5. Anonymous says:

    All of thesevguys have very hot Assand they appear to like show off there stuff .My choices would be 1) the one with his Blue jeans on first second would be The with red shorts on 3) The last one who is completely Naked all streched out on the bed .In regard to number 1 –he looks good with those jeans on but if he was going to be spanked they would need to come down and off shortly after we started his spanking or perhaps before it started .I believe strongly in the before and after .I am not sure any of these young men would be so eager to show off there stuff after they have gotten a good hot spanking 2) He looks great in his Red gym shorts -he will look much better darter his Ass is the same color after a good hot snaking 3) He looks great all streched out naked .He seems like he is in position and prepared so this one may be easier than the others however that won’t given him any mercy it just should make the task a little easier to accomplish in addition becausevhe is in position the time line will be different

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all the comments but if had to choose one maybe even two I would nominate the young man with his jeans on Number two would be the young man who appears to be wearing some type of uniform .I would whip both of these young men I would start with both and let them wear jeans and the uniform to begin with but there would be a short duration .I then would give each of them a whipping they wouldn’t forget .Since they both have very spa label Hidesthey would get the leather strap to start with and then a good dose of the paddle .It goes without saying neither of these young men would be wearing anything when the paddle and the strap is used So thing is for sure both of these guys would have very Sore and discolored Back side s. with the possibility of welts and. Blisters As far sitting down and walking this will be more than difficult

  7. Alan Paul says:

    All of them are very spankable! But if I were to choose, I’d say number two or number eleven. I’d take the strap or paddle to their bare behinds and give them a spanking they wouldn’t soon forget! Or maybe they wouldn’t sit down comfortably for a while…..

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