Magazines I Wish Were Real



Deep within the depraved depths of the the S4Men graphix lab, we have several faux magazine cover “vintage” style graphics I threw together just for fun: the source image for the one above is one of my all-time fav pics, which is from SpankThis.  The source image for the graphic below is another fav, and it’s a screen-grab from the vintage film “Spank Your Buddy.”

spanking for men

**p.s. Naturally, just had to make one of these for Franco, which I posted Here.

**p.s.s.  You know, I really should make one of these featuring Rob Ryder. He sports quite the perfectly photogenic posterior.

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One Response to Magazines I Wish Were Real

  1. chuck says:

    Another faux publication might bear the ubiquitous title of “Spanked Red Daily” – and the daily could refer to either the frequency of publication or the corrective efforts to discipline errant lads.

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