New Spank Art from Franco

guys spanking guys art by fetish artist Franco

Undies down and over Uncle’s lap?!…totally embarrassing! Well it’s his house, his rules…


MM spanking art Franco

This one is called “Caught by the Boss.” Getting caught looking at porn at work? That’s well-deserving of a butt-blistering….

Happy 2012 !!! What better way to start out the new year than with some hot ass illustrations from Franco! [Franco tells me these are tweaks and reworkings of earlier works, fyi.] Also, I love all the little details he includes into these steamy, sizzling creations.  Thanks Franco!

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5 Responses to New Spank Art from Franco

  1. paul says:

    #1 is absolutely amazing.

  2. Alan Paul Curtis says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Love #2 – shirt up w/tie, pants & undershorts down, bare bottom getting spanked – I think it’s always sexier to have a fully dressed guy with just his bottom red than fully naked.

  4. Jake says:

    #1 – Oh how that young man loves it when his Uncle makes a surprise visit! He knows the drill! Pants down, and over Uncles lap for a sound bare butt spanking! Judging by Uncles face, he can feel his nephews rock hard dick on his lap, just throbbing with excitement. More incentive to just keep on spanking!

  5. Mr. Tushy says:


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