Holy Bat Spank! FM Art by Andy Price

spanking FM artwork by andy price

A true FM classic by famed comic book illustrator Andy Price…

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4 Responses to Holy Bat Spank! FM Art by Andy Price

  1. Ugly Doug says:

    Hot picture! I know that is Wonder Woman and Bat Girl but who is the super heroine on the right, and most importantly who is the boy hero getting spanked?

  2. Mr. Tushy says:

    hi Doug, Hmm……I’m not clear who the superheroine on the right is. The lucky spankee is Robin of Batman and Robin fame.

  3. TJ Wood says:

    From left to right: Wonder Woman’s little sister Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and the alien princess from the Teen Titans comic book, Starfire. All three women have been either romatically linked (or at least very good friends) with the former boy wonder getting his bat-butt tanned. That’s former Robin the Boy Wonder all grown up and now called Nightwing.

  4. Alan Paul says:

    Robin getting his butt tanned happens to be a favorite of mine – I only wish that in this pic Robin has more of a bubble butt with the crack showing – and a redder ass! Usually ti’s Batman doing the spanking instead of Batgirl – oh well. you can’t hasve them all!

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