Unreleased Sting Pix; A Vintage Classic; Tropixxx Paddling; New Franco Artwork


Sting Pictures was kind enough to send me a few unreleased pix from one of their latest images…Sting’s photography continues to rock with its awesomeness.

men spanking men gay

*  *  *

Speaking of classic photography, here’s another, more vintage classic below…anyone know where this is from ?

men spanking men

 *  *  *

In other news, Tropixxx recently posted up a scorching video of an ass paddling that leaves this brat blistered, and the spanker literally rips his underwear off, and continues the paddle popping action on his blazing bare ass.

tropixxx gay spanking

male ass paddling*  *  *

From the amazing mind of fetish illustrator extraordinaire Franco:

male gay spanking art by artist franco

*  *  *

If you are looking to instantly watch some classic Man’s Hand Films, check out the link below for some red ass goodness, Man’s Hand style:

man's hand films gay spanking

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3 Responses to Unreleased Sting Pix; A Vintage Classic; Tropixxx Paddling; New Franco Artwork

  1. Jimbar says:

    I tend to agree with Anonymou on this one.I too thinking ripping off underwear is a definite poor techique and should be avoided .In my view if one is facing a whipping of any kind the safest and best way to deal with this is to have the Spankkee Stripat the outset of the whipping and or Spanking.Incases where JockeyShorts are worn what ever reason they must come down to the Ankles before any thing else happens When and if it’s a paddling that is occurring it would be my preference to have the Spankee lay it all out preferably on a Spanking Bench -Bed -Couch Regarding the Spanker he is in charge of giving the punishment so it should be his choice on how when and whereOne thing is clear all Spankings and or Whippings are Given Bare Ass.This is the general norm and generally is followed with very few exceptions

  2. Alan Paul says:

    Don’t agree with either of the two comments above. Everybody has their own preferace concerning spanking – the how, why, and instrument (if any) used. I personally prefer the spankee with his pants down to the knee (not totally off) and his shirt pulled up (ditto). I like the behind revealed instead of being totally nsked for the spanking. I also like the strasp and the hairbrush. It all depends on the spanker and his preferances.

    • Anonymous says:

      regarding your comment In my view all spankers have many One choices .Personal choices aside . One has to do what is comfortable for them .I see point in the Spankee not being completely naked but cloths can defer the process Perhaps one way to do it would be to have spankee strip down to his Briefs while making it clear that this whipping/Spanking was to be on the Bare I believe it s important for the spankeeAthough to know actually what the process is going to be this is important as it sets the stage for the process and there aren’t any surprises and atmosphere is clear and things proceed as called for In my view any spanking /whipping needs to be.on the Bare without question or discussion

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