Enter This Spanking Caption Contest, For Your Chance to Win a Free Spanking E-Book Collection

In partnership with erotica writer extraordinaire Loki Renard, we here at Spanking4Men are having a super fun caption contest.

In the comments box, simply write in your suggested dialogue for the caption bubbles in this Studio 7 classic spanking image, pictured below; and the most spanktastic entry, as picked by an esteemed panel of seasoned red-ass enthusiasts at Spanking4Men, will win a copy of Loki Renard latest E-book: a collection of three sizzling hawttttt MM spanking novellas.  How super sweet is that?

studio 7 male spanking image

Here’s some more info on the book from Loki Renard:

gay spanking book“Spanking is often bandied about in erotic novels, but in this collection of gay romantic novellas from Loki Renard, the concept of domestic discipline is explored more deeply as something that not only titillates but nourishes and nurtures.

“In each of these three novellas, misbehaved and occasionally misguided young men meet their match and find love in the hands and arms of older, wiser lovers who believe that discipline goes hand in hand with love.”

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15 Responses to Enter This Spanking Caption Contest, For Your Chance to Win a Free Spanking E-Book Collection

  1. Colin Izzard says:

    I just remembered how mean the brush was before

  2. Young Man says:
    I’m sorry I took the car without your permission! I won’t do it again, I promise!

    Older Man Replies:
    Apology accepted young man. However, it won’t get you out of a spanking with my hairbrush! I’m going to teach you obedience and you are going to thank me for it!

    Great idea for a contest Dave!

  3. Bwheat says:

    Spankee: … but I haven’t done anything wrong today.

    Spanker: This is in case you do … quit squirming!

    I agree – grat contest! Thanks for let me be a part.

  4. Ugly Doug says:

    Jock: “B..but Dad its my evening job delivering pizzas tonight, how am I supposed to ride a bike after you’ve tanned my butt?”

    Dad: “Well son, I guess ‘Fast Delivery Pizzas’ will sure live up to its name tonight!”

  5. Ward says:

    Son says – “Awww Dad! the guys will all see my red butt in the shower after the game!”

    Dad say – “Don’t worry boy, I ‘ve called all the other fathers, so the guys will be more concerned about their own red butts than about yours”

  6. antony says:

    jock: “Dad the curtains are open!”

    Dad: “Yes and so are the windows. I want all the neighbors to see and HEAR exactly what happens to boys who misbehave in this house!”

  7. Philip says:

    “But Dad! The other boys made me do it!”

    “And how many times have I told you not to hang around with those boys!”

  8. Richinclawson says:

    Boy; But dad, I didn’t know they charge you by the minute @ 888-get-me-off

    Dad; With a $500 phone bill, you’ll be getting another spanking every night this week

  9. Jock: B..but Dad I did not go to a party last night.

    Dad: You lie because I found alcoholic smells on your clothes and I found a invite note in your pants that tells you where to go for the party and at what time to be there. When I am done with you, you wont be able to sit down for a week or wont even able think about going to another party without my permission.

  10. Bruce says:

    Jock “Dad, why is that man with the …’gulp’ … camera filming us?

    Dad “He’s making a TV film about raising teen age boys, you’re about to be famous son!”

  11. Mr. Tushy says:

    🙂 🙂

  12. Mr. Tushy says:

    Thanks for all these great entries! 🙂 Will be picking a winner soon.

  13. tjonasgreen says:

    I like Anthony’s the best, but will take a chance . . .

    Errant Young Man: “But why do Uncle Mike and Tommy have to watch? I’m too old to be spanked in front of people. And the hairbrush hurts so bad, Dad, no fair!”

    Dad: “Tommy’s been acting up as much as you have, and Uncle Mike has been too permissive with him. He wants to see how a long hard punishment spanking is properly given. And you’re over due for a reminder, young man.”

  14. ron jones says:

    Son : Dad, wait! I think I hear the doorbell!!

    Dad: Oh, good…just in time…the gang’s all here…

  15. Alan Paul says:

    “”But Dad! I’m almost twenty! I’m too old to be spanked like a kid!”
    “As long as you’re living in my house, you’ll be punished with my hasirbrush or strap on your bare behind! I’ll teach you to mind what I say!”

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