What Happens When a Standard OTK Spanking Just Won’t Do ?

spankthis gay twink spankingThere are indeed disciplinary occasions, you see, when the standard over-the-knee position for blazing the butt of a naughty, errant brat is not quite that effective.  Therefore, adding in more embarrassment and ass exposure into the mix will often assist in getting your message across more efficiently.

This blogger did some, errm, research on this tushytastic topic and found several examples from the fine producers over at SpankThis, who specialize in the discipline, and bare ass embarrassment,  of naughty tight-ass twinks. Perhaps these posterior punishment pix may give you some ideas and inspiration, I hope. Enjoy! [Curious which image you like the best and why?]


gay twink spanked and punished

spankthis gay twink punished with the paddle

gay twink punished with a riding crop on spankthis

twink punished on spankthis

All images are courtesy of SpankThis. Click below to take a free site tour:

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2 Responses to What Happens When a Standard OTK Spanking Just Won’t Do ?

  1. Jimbar says:

    It certainly wasn’t . the ordinary spanking however it was a Classic Whipping and sure left us with good alternatives if the ordinary isn’t enough.In my view this type of whipping sends a message that if you play you pay with your Hide .I loved all the clips and thought the way the spankee got manhandled was also classic

  2. Anonymous says:

    In regards to the image that I liked best the second one with his bare Hide in the air and the paddle being used on it .I believe it was classic In addition the comment about the Standard OTK not be enough is exactly correct .I believe sometimes this is the case and glad to see and hear that there are more powerful methods used and available .It my view that often the message doesn’t get through the first time and the second time around things need to be different.I believe tradition is fine but sometimes you need to to do things differently and this was illustrated very well in all the clips That all being said it’s my view that of Hide all the instruments that are used to tan one s hide the paddle does the job better than other instruments and it seems that it generally under used

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