Let’s Have a Talk with Uncle’s Hairbrush

In the latest update from Tropixxx, a naughty bad boy named Joe has a discussion with his Uncle — red-ass style.  First he is made to go get his Aunt’s brush, get his pants off, bring the hairbrush to his Uncle, and climb over his lap for a good, old-fashioned tanning, getting that bare backside glowing hot and stinging.

[BTW……Joe can’t seem to stay out of trouble, as he’s no stranger to getting butt whuppin’s on Tropixxx, as can be seen in previous posts where he gets his mouth washed out with soap and spanked for smoking; as well as getting a good lickin’ with the hairbrush.]

tropixxx MM hairbrush spanking“Here’s…the hairbrush. Good, now Joe get that tail over my lap — you’re getting punished with a good spankin’ . . .”

tropixxx male spanking over the kneeThis errant bad boy does lot of squirming and bucking otk as his Uncle’s firm hand and sizzling hairbrush punish his naughty ass.

uncle spanks bad boy with hairbrush on Tropixxx…..to continue the punishment, he even rubs some IcyHot on his burning tail…

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tropixxx MM spanking

P.S.  Check out a spanktastic interview back in June 2011 with Tropixxx.

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  1. mjldoc says:

    IcyHot on a hairbrushed backside! One unsuspecting cute young man in D.C. will never forget THAT!!! Thanks for the memories…

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