A Control T Classic

Classic screen-grab from a Control T Classic, as featured in this previous blog post.  Looks like really bad report cards are going to result in some cherry red hot redness….

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gay spanking classic film from Control T

P.S. The venerable Jock Spank blog has featured some very hard-to-find Control T pix, so do surf on over to his site and check ’em out sometime. For example, the pic below I found on JockSpank’s blog, which is also from the same video mentioned above.

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One Response to A Control T Classic

  1. antony says:

    Control T was my first introduction to spanking as a young man….They had a great style of capturing boys in trouble. These two photos illustrate it perfeclty. The first, two boys in trouble bent over side by side bare bottomed and positioned perfectly to see each others facial reactions as they backsides are burned. And the iconic photo two, a mad daddy delivering a no holds barred hairbrushing — dynamo! I have always had a thing for stern daddies who wear glasses and deliver the brush…domestic spanking at it’s very best!

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