Gonna’ Take Your Underwear Right Down!

There are times, actually most of the time, when peeling a brat’s underwear down, slowly if possible, is a crucial part of his punishment, and a critical component of a good ass tanning.  I think these three corporal punishment pix from Tropixxx certainly illustrate that quite well, indeed, don’t you think ?

>>BTW–do you think it’s better when the spanker takes them down? or do you prefer to have the spankee pulling his underwear down himself? which is more embarrassing ?

Porn star Rob Ryder gets spanked

All pix courtesy of Tropixxx.

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7 Responses to Gonna’ Take Your Underwear Right Down!

  1. tom says:

    it breing me back to my teen years being spank by my dad

    • prettyboy says:

      It is much more embarassing to have them pulled down then off in public spanking. My swim coach pulled my speedo down many times to spank me at swim meets. I was mortified.

  2. antony says:

    such a quandry…Spanker pulls them down, you are dominated…spankee pulls em down you are now a compliant bad boy….toss up equally embarassing and HOT!

  3. Rich says:

    If your spanking for being bad….the spanker pulls them down to show control, If your spanking for “fun” I like to make the spankee pull them down it’s sexier…my opinion…..

  4. Alan says:

    The spanker should pull them down – sexier and HOT.

  5. paul says:

    spanker should pull them down makes u think whats gona happen in a min on the bare bum

  6. Dad says:

    MY Dad always pulled them down midway during my hairbrush spanking…..he would say “Let’s see how good a job I’m doing”….of course….I was bawling by this time…the hairbrush doing a deadly job on my backside….I would always have highlighted marks on my lower butt cheeks where the elastic from my briefs would protect my skin fm the brush…they lasted for days sometimes….was teased in gym class for wearing an invisible jock strap! Coach also spanked on wet speedo MANY times….paddle not brush…EXCEPT ONCE….

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