A Naughty Jock Gets a Butt Whuppin’ in the Woods

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A hottt jock tanned, strapped and spanked glowing hottttt on Tropixxx. . . .

A handsome, naughty jock gets a belt whipping

In need of a good, hot spanking and belt strapping....

When in the great outdoors, and a handsome jock with a firm, tight ass is misbehaving or causing trouble, sometimes you simply have to shuck off his pants, right in the middle of the woods, and give him a good butt whuppin’.   If anyone walks by, they get to see a bright red tushy.  That’s what happens in this hawt Tropixxx update to a naughty jock named Ryan…..

A naughty jock gets a whipping, bare-ass

Men spanking men: A gay jock gets his bare bottom spanked and strapped

All photos courtesy of Tropixxx.

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  1. chuck says:

    Ryan takes his whipping well, as he has done several times for TropixxxVIP studios. He surely has a very spankable set of ass cheeks and that boyish charm that elicits attention – especially to his nether regions.

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