Tail Tanning Time for Travis

In the latest from red tushy purveyors Spank This, twink brat Travis blows off his curfew and his Dad has something to say about this oversight, via blazing hot, tight and cherryred buns.

a naughty twink is punished with a spanking

——>Pix courtesy of SpankThis.

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3 Responses to Tail Tanning Time for Travis

  1. jimbar e says:

    regarding Travis –Well toasted Buns and well deserved as well ,You talk about assuming the position this was classic .It appears that a nice Leather Strap took control of the situation. Excellent work.

  2. Jimbar says:

    I would assume that Travis wont be breaking his curfewcany time soon .It looks like he got his Bare Booty tanned I magine that Tavis will remember his whipping every time he attempts to sit down .In my view any time a Spanking occurs the goal of the Spanking is to make sure the spankee gets a well tanned Booty .In this situation there is little doubt that occurred.

  3. Jimbar says:

    The real question now in regard to Bad Boy Travis is what did he learn from the Tanning he got .One thing we know he learned was his father wasn’t going to tolerate him blowing off his curfew .Every time he attempted to sit down now he had that uncomfortable feeling from his well Tanned Hide It’s my view that Bad boys like Travis don’t often learn the first go around so it’s my view that Tavis will have a couple more sessions with the strap.In fact if there was a need to for a repeat performance I would have him Graduate to The Paddle as it would be more servere than the Strap .

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