5 Questions with Franco

male spanking art by FrancoJust for the fun of it, I asked the legendary spanking artist Franco five questions on our favorite topic, that being the blazing of buns. 

Franco’s timeless tushy tanning artwork continues to intrigue legions of red-ass fans, including this one, of course. As always, dear readers, your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. 🙂

Hi Franco, Thanks for taking the time to chat with Spanking4Men.  Do you think it’s better, generally speaking, when the spanker takes a spankee’s underwear down himself? or do you generally prefer to have the spankee pulling his own underwear ?  Or does it depend on the situation?

Hmmmm….I like to totally remove the briefs, so the guy is half naked.  Yet, there is something of a tease when I lower them below his cheeks.  I don’t mind it if he takes off his pants, and then I control his exposure from the briefs out.

I have spanked a couple of guys who feel it is more embarrassing to just have their pants and briefs pulled down for them by the spanker.   In my younger days when I was getting it, I loved both, being stripped down and dropping my jeans for a trip OTK.

If you were stuck on an island, what one implement would you take with you and why ?

My Hand.  I know it, I’ve used it, and I think the hand is the BEST implement to use in spanking.  If someone cannot slap brightly with his hand, and that’s slap not “beat,” and if they cannot spank the buttocks in the appropriate area, why the hell would you want them to use anything else?

Personally, I have no interest in using implements that break or bruise tissue. Intact skin barriers are our infection barrier, there is nothing erotic provided by cuts, welts or deep swollen discoloration.

Do you think it would help worker productivity in the office if they allowed spanking in the workplace? 😉

Actually, I do believe in spanking…again, not flogging or caning, but a good spanking as a “re-inforcer” and for certain crimes.  The humiliation factor is grossly overlooked as an effective tool, when it comes to the ignorant narcissistic behavior that seems to inhabit younger criminals.

What is your favorite kind of underwear to spank over for starters, and then eventually peel down, of course… ?

Actually I like to go right to the source, bare bottom, but there is nothing like well worn and thin, snug tighty whities.

Are there any celebrities that come to mind, that you think could use a good spanking ?

Again, the consummate brat Justin Bieber comes to mind.  If not him, I wish I could go back in time and spank Wally Cleever just because I always had the hots for him.

Thanks for your time Franco!

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3 Responses to 5 Questions with Franco

  1. Greg says:

    FRANCO is one of the best artists of spanking. His M/M and F/M are always well thought out. Always enjoy ALL of his drawings. Thanks for taking the time to talk with him. Very interesting article.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Nice job on the questions…I would love to write to Franco, any chance of that?


  3. bbjc says:

    I have been a fan of Franco for quite a few years. The bedtime spanking reminds me of the spankings my brother and I got from Dad. A number of others remind me of spankings I have received as an adult. But every since I first saw one of his drawings I have tried to hold my bare bottom as he portrayed the naughty boys. I have found that my spankers both men and women enjoy it too

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