Whacking Wade’s Ass

All pix courtesy of SpankThis and Helix Studios.

erotic male twink spanking on helix studios

After yanking his undies down, Jeff Sterne gives misbehaving Wade a good, hot bare ass spanking on Spankthis.

That image above is one of posterior punishment perfection from SpankThis. When you clean Jeff Sterne’s room, you are to do it properly and thoroughly; when you don’t, you are going to pay with your ass.  It’s that simple, as tight-bottomed Wade learns this lesson the hard way….

erotic twink spanking from helix studios

Not the belt please! I’ll be good!

….and that involves an old-fashioned belt licking as well as an ass blazing traditional spanking on Wade’s firm, tight, hot little tush…..

bare bottom male spanking

Have you learned your lesson yet??

JOIN NOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS: For more spanking pix and punishment videos, be sure to visit SpankThis.   Enjoy! 🙂

spankthis from helix studios

P.S. If you enjoy this style of red-ass erotica, you may enjoy other sites from the Helix Studios Network including:


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3 Responses to Whacking Wade’s Ass

  1. Jimbar says:

    Jimbar -Based on the excellent Clips I would believe that Wade got his Ass tanned for himThe clips of WadeAss wereClassic.I loved the Color put to his Hot Hiney and also the positions he was in .I Believe he did get his Hney whipped.

  2. Jimbar says:

    In reviewing the clips of Wade Ass 1 I came to the conclusion that Jeff S is a classic Spanker with great skill.In the clips of Wade grtting his Ass Tanned there is little doubt of result. In addition the various positions that wade gets his SSS tanned are great too I believe that Wade got a Classic Spanking and one he won’t forget for a while .I believe he got a lesson in obeying certainly a hard one but well deserved

  3. Anonymous says:

    In regard to Whacking Wade s Ass it s my belief that the clips show not only the beaten hides but also it’s a illustration of how Ass whipping should occur

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